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Minecraft, Republican, Chess
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Ok so I have never done online dating or had a Girlfriend before but I know what I am looking for, I’m only newly 18 so I’m not looking into marriage right this second but that is what I am look at in a girl. I come with a lot of baggage and it is kinda hard to explain in this description XD. First come first served, if I meet a girl then I won’t be responding to your messages, but if I stop talking to the first one then I will get to the next person that messaged me. If I message you and you don’t respond then I will message another, if I message another girl and she responds then I will be hers. My DM’s are open and I read them every day so you can ask me anything, I’m an open book 😄 I am also a old time religion kinda guy

What I believe in:
I am strict about my religion and my beliefs.
I only read the KJV.
Absolutely no Cussing! I hate it, however if you do cuss I would be more then happy to help you stop <3
I don’t agree with tattoos but it is ok if you got them before you were saved and you disagreed with them now
I am a republican! (but not far right, but kinda close)
I will be very loyal
I don’t flirt. Just wanted to say
I don’t like big churches, I like small ones

What I am looking for:
I DON’T WHAT JUST A FLING! I am looking for my wife.
I Do Not care what size you are!
I wanna have intellectual conversations :)
I would like a girl who is funny, I love to laugh, but can also be professional when needed
As to hair color I would prefer your natural hair color but I could get over it.
I would prefer if you were 18 or 20 but I don’t really care about age, I care more about the person you are!
I also believe that we have to be good friends before anything, I want to get to know you :D
I also like girls that have long hair
Mostly I am looking for a girl who will help me grow in the Lord!

Would like but ok if not:
I am looking for someone who has never had a BF, because I've never had a GF.
I would really like it if you play Minecraft, but if you don’t that is ok XD.

About me:
I own a Minecraft server.
I’m camera shy XD.
Yes I am still childish XD (but in a good way lol)
I don’t like Contemporary Christian music, I like “Southern Gospel”
At this point in time I don’t really want to go out on a date, but I will change my mind once I have met you
I like following the rules LOL
I know how to code in JavaScript and Discord.js and Node.js
I'm a fan of Discord. (My tag is: TheFlagen432097#2546)
BTW I dress very nicely, even just if I am going to get milk XD
Also if I have viewed your profile more then once it means that I forgot that I have seen it or forgotten what you said in your profile XD really I look over people’s profile about 5-7 times because I forgot that I already had XD LOL rip

If you want to get to know me more then please message me 😄

*BTW sorry that this is so long* 🤣
First Date
I don’t really know, but I wanna make a day out of it!
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