Are there Christian guys out there for real? Lol

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Traveling, motorcycles, coffee, trying new places to eat, random adventures, hiking, kayaking, pretty much anything outdoors, movies, cooking, umnmn... I just like doing stuff!
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Weeelll I'm on this site because I'm a Christian looking for a Christian, because that's my number one foundational must-have. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I was raised in the faith by very knowledgeable and God-fearing, wise parents, and I'm crazy thankful for that! I'm looking for someone who also puts God first, does his best to walk in the faith and abide by the Bible, and everything else comes after that.

Why do guys on this site only have one bad photo?? Or like two lines to describe themselves?? Haha c'mon you can do better than that! You get what you give remember?
Also, I copy-pasted this info I had, and it's kind of garbled up right now for some inexplicable reason, but honestly I don't feel like fixing it at the moment. Haha. And I'm really sorry I'm advance if I don't respond to your message 😬 sometimes these dating things are just a bit overwhelming!

What else... Let's see... I have no idea what to say here... It's so broad. I like... to go out, do things... Have general adventures? Wait! I can do better... Hang on...

I love coffee, trying new things, and going places! I used to like going to the gym before the world exploded... Haha. I like outdoor activities a lot, and just generally going and doing. I'm a bit of a foodie but mostly because I like trying to stay healthy, but I love trying new restaurants with interesting menus! I love traveling and experiences and I like positivity and seeing the good and light side of things. But I also love heavy deep conversation... I like being there for people when they need it most. I'm not a fair-weathered friend! I tend to overanalyze and think too much 😅

What else... Uhh... I have a cat? I love cats? Haha. Hmm... I love riding on motorcycles (can't drive one yet though), traveling in all aspects, palm trees, trying new coffee places and restaurants, hiking or beaching or anything in between that's outdoors... Generally I like to try and stay healthyish with most things like food and finding activities. But I can hang at concerts and bars just as well! (Although I like trying drinks, I'm not much of a drinker. I don't think I've ever been drunk and don't plan on it) and I'm also good chilling inside, playing board games, or going to bbq/potlucks. I like cooking/baking if others are involved, and I enjoy trying most anything. Psychology is a thing of mine, but my work is in IT/design.

Uhhhh... I love conversations and getting to know people. Like I'm that person you can just talk to. I just like people to be themselves around me :) I'm looking for someone positive and upbeat and adventurous... Kinda goofy, humble, likes to cuddle and be close with his significant other. Bonus if you drive a motorcycle and like cats �...

I can generally get along with anyone and I go out of my way to do things for friends and loved ones... I try to be really kind and overall understanding as much as possible. I'm that person who tries to clean up their tables for servers at restaurants, and when driving I'll let you in if you want to merge... Yeah, I actually am from Maryland, believe it or not. Haha. But! Seriously considering moving to Southern California maybe next year.

(also the "kids" question section... I might want kids with the right guy and the right circumstances? But they didn't put a "maybe/open to it" option! Also.. Typically I'd totally be against divorce... I hate having it there! But there's a really sad story behind it, just as a heads up)
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