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Currently unchurched, in the most committed way. Generally speaking, churches local to me are unreceptive to the pure grace message that Apostle Paul so vigorously defended; instead, there’s a preference for legalistic pretext. Respectfully, as to the grace message, I’m only echoing Paul’s revelatory gospel underscored in Galatians 1:11-12. I’m committed to a “centered” lifestyle of prayer, study and devotion. Perhaps some view me as a man overboard and want to rescue me from the deep waters of experiencing God, while others view my passion as too progressive or overly contemplative. Trust that my journey to encounter the kingdom of God within is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Trust also that I’m not the least opposed to social gatherings with Christians… please don’t draw that conclusion ♥️
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Emotionally available. Open minded, having grappled with the fact that Trinity is above all human conception. The inscrutable One can only be known by love. Simply put, the mind cannot know God. God is above mind. Only love knows God, for God is love.
Things I like: DIY, Carpentry, Up-leveling, Camping, Reading, Writing, Poetry, Fine Art. Film Photography, Anything Creative, Healthy eating and exercise. As to discovering a marriage companion, some things are inexplicable… you just know… likes and c
About Me
Reticent sharing personal information online. Just ask, I’ll gladly answer any questions. Close in age please — compatibility is first — older is a welcome possibility.

I think in pictures… so naturally I pray in kind of a stream of images. And it’s in that manner the Holy Spirit speaks to me and provides direction (one of a few good deposits from my Pentecostal/Charismatic background). That takes me to a (somewhat) defining detail: inexplicably my future spouse will exhibit certain attributes that I’ll recognize (vis-a-vis anticipated).

This is my second spin on CDFF. So, I’m slowly restructuring my profile. Until then, you’re more than welcome to inquire about anything.

It’s interesting, but you really don’t think seriously about your life in this way until queried to write Your Personal Descriptive Profile. It’s a good exercise, though true, I’ve outgrown my previous profile. Too, I think Believers are challenged not to “categorize” others, in keeping with the Jesus’ example to never define neighbor; yet, in the process of selection at hand, the tendency to subtilize with a résumé of likes and caprices hoped for in a mate is perhaps a reasonable inclination

At least that’s the tenor between the lines among profiles I’ve read. I doubt my scrape of the pen reads much different; albeit, I will purpose to be specific without creating an imbalanced view of who I am. Don’t hate me for saying so. It’s unfortunate that a majority of profiles read like press releases. However true that may be, I’m certain it’s not a reflection of personality. People are time-poor. But minimal creative investment — not length — on something this important risks yielding in kind.

For now, incomplete profile at hand, let it suffice that I envisage cultivating a deep, meaningful relationship. If that’s not your desire, then reading beyond this line will be time lost to you. But if your desire is to drink from a deep well, there’s no stopping you from such a source; whether in my lines, or the lines of another sojourner meant for you.


Please message me here on CDFF. Be apprised: I won’t respond to hasty solicitations for my phone number or email address… until a mutual comfort level is established, correspondence remains on CDFF : -)

When I describe myself as unchurched, please know that that is not a predilection. I’m eager to attend the fellowship of my mate’s choosing.

As already mentioned in another section, my position on the pure grace message defaults to Apostle Paul’s revelatory gospel.

“I want you to know, brothers [and sisters], that the gospel I preached is not something that man made up. I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.” (Galatians 1:11, 12 NIV ‘84)

Though currently unchurched by choice, I’m well read. Though a mere B.A., my degree is in Theology/Pastoral Min. (residency). And I mention these things because certain concentrations speak to my personality more than a list of hobbies or what I like to eat for breakfast; still yet, I was all ears with friendly, voluntary feedback, someone commenting after reading my page that in their words, I appeared “intimidating” and “intense.” Trust that’s far from my heart… in fact it has been said that I’m warm and gracious, fun and engaging… but I do love to read and study.

Favorite authors range within many genres: Theology, Bible Study, Contemplative, Catholic (patristic to contemporary), Emergent Movement, Christian mystics (French and English, medieval to contemporary). Presently, I’m pretty enamored with The Cloud of Unknowing, anonymously written in the 14th century (foundational to the Contemplative Prayer Movement). I also read outside that vein: philosophy, comparative religion, extra-biblical, historical and classic works. As a centered Christ Follower, I keep curious and open minded, willing to explore. It’s my belief that when it comes to theological conclusions, all should think independently, not simply default to perimeters set by polity and group-think conventions superintended within hierarchical arrangements. Never were we meant to delegate all responsibility to clergy or church leadership.

I’m a proponent of freedom (a very Pauline theme). Returning a message is always optional… no obligations on my end. I wish everyone Godspeed in their search. A perfect match awaits you ❤️ Jesus wants you free indeed, blessed and brimming with his Spirit.

End Note: If you are searching for material abundance, though I live debt-free, you won’t find that here. A rustic cabin somewhat remote and much downtime in front of a wood stove is my present choice for solitude. And I should mention that I’m not opposed to relocating. Once upon a time, I lived a fairly metropolitan lifestyle; however, I do relish periods of quiet contemplation, but promise that I’m far from antisocial. In the social domain, I possess a wide range. I love creatively stimulating conversation and outings, travel, finding those out of the way places. Age appropriate please : -)
First Date
Ultimately, my search will end as a budding, mutual relationship begins. So, I think our first date will naturally work out. Deep, meaningful exchange will be central to its charm. But that’s natural course for two destined individuals discovering each other.

I’m not on CDFF often; however, please feel free to reach out. Wishing all success in their search, whether finding their soulmate here on this site or elsewhere.
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