Relationship is hard.Let's have those uncomfortable conversations...

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Have come to the realization that:
"What you're looking for,is also looking for you" and "No matter how ugly your past might be, there is always someone out there for you".

Having said that,this is my story:

I’m sold out to Jesus Christ, and my Faith is very important to me like the air I breath.I can't trade it for anything in this world,let alone for a romantic relationship.

Is so crazy to know that some people get married  mainly for physical looks and material possessions. Don't get me wrong those things are good,but the question is will you still love them if they loose those physical look and the material possessions?

Futhermore,In my thirty-four years on planet Earth have come to realize that nothing keeps a man (not even the almighty sex😁)EXPECT a man that wants to be kept against all odd.I can never be perfect for the wrong man, and am not ready to fake anything.I promise to be transparent as such as I can,because am intentional about dating.

It sounds weird that I love travelling, but I
have phobia for height (Acrophobic).Nevertheless, I feel more relaxed and safe, when am traveling with someone.I love shopping (almost every women loves that,right?),am more of an indoor person than outdoor,i don't like the cold season, I love fashion ,color and both interior and exterior decor.As soon as I step into someone's space,I will start to imagine how I would have decorated the space if I were to be living in there. (sounds funny😁).

I understand that some people does have alot of baggages from their previous relationships,but the bitter truth is that you can't go too far when you have alot of baggages attached to you.

Can you please drop those baggages and hurt from your past relationship, and focus on the beautiful love adventure ahead?Life is a teacher,the more we live the more we learn.Have learnt to trust again,after many betrayal of trust.
Have also come to the realization, that "All men are NOT cheat".But this time around,I will do it in a different way by allowing the real originator of undiluted "LOVE" write my Love story.

Conclusively,every culture and skin color are beautiful in different way.So therefore,am looking forward to learn and meet people from every sphere of Life.

Let's have those uncomfortable conversations,and see if we connect on subjects that matters...
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Go for a walk,where we can have a heart to heart conversation.
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