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Love and people, being healthy and fit. Professional song writer, performer and a bit of a poet...have been all over the world doing missionary activities, now residing in Belize and reaching out from here, although from the U.S. I also enjoy studying the Bible deeply. Very involved in helping businesses become successful as my work. Love working out in my little gym at home.... which is on a hill with a beautiful view of the tropics. I am very active yet choose to be very serene and carefully paced, but fun to be with, and most patiently waiting for that one and only God has for me... (never yet married) to hopefully share living and ministering with me in this beautiful country and beyond, and maybe go back and forth to where my possible mate may come from, and do the same as well. I have to say, I doubt seriously I would want to experience any more children at this time, for I am getting older now, and my time is very dedicated otherwise at this point in my ...Thank God, even my only son is fully on his own, who was born when I was very young, just before I came to the Lord, and has been able to be most Godly raised by me a lot personally, as sadly his mother passed away when he was quite young. OK... I am also happily here to help those who truly want to study deeper in the Word, especially about what the scriptures truly illustrate with regards to now in these last day events. There needs not to be so much confusion about accurate doctrine or prophecy if you're heart is right, and your will is devoted to be entirely in His...and of course, you don't mind a little blessed research...and even correction when needed. These are the formulas of God, and actually it is so in fully understanding accurately everything about the Bible. In these last days, it will be God's greatest truths and Godly developments so fully by Him being offered...but it will also be contended by the enemy, who is already well at work to produce a counterfeit to practically everyone of them as well...Truly we must let God have, and control everything, to get His greatest oneness, and blessings in our lives.
My life is indeed thank God, very blessed in many ways, and I am hoping to find a person who seeks all of God's will, and really has a dedicated deep and loving spiritual side, with a great zeal to especially share the love of God with others, and most affectionately with her husband. As I have never been married myself, I wish to so also end with someone who too has never been. I suppose I could be open, especially to someone who has lost their spouse to I too have had somewhat of that kind of experience. And no offense to any one otherwise in terms of other's past relationship(s). God help and bless all of us. Life is all about learning. P.S. One may see me on the line a lot because I do a lot of ministry here...and to be also more honest, I am presently wanting to just put off a bit seeking a person first for any romantic purposes, so I would currently for no want to mostly invite those who want to be a real Bible study type of friend, or are truly just wanting to seek spiritual advice. And that would be such a priority anyway. Thanks for understanding. Also, I need to share where it may be a concern, that I am actually a bit older than what is on my profile, as there was a mistake made in originally adding it, and it could not be changed. However, because of my youthfulness and serious personal health care, I am thought to be as young as it actually states on my profile.
First Date
Although there are many different locations I could take someone here on such a beginning friendship if such were to be the case, my goal would be to really get to know that person well, and also what are their greatest hopes and desires. I would also hope we would have a lot of fun...maybe bring along a guitar because I love mixing everything with genuine fun...yet always discussing the things in that are more important to be productive and God-pleasing, and surely ever discussing and sharing as well, how a relationship works most wonderfully and effectively.
I would hope before it even became a first date, there had become already a lot of things recognized as many similar interests. And actually, my preference is far more to be into an eventual state of proper courting, as opposed to so-called dating...but right now as stated above, it is not even that first, and thus I am kind of just welcoming contacters just for Bible related subjects and advice at the time. Thank you again for your understanding.
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