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**Inquiries local to Ohio area only, please. At present, I would prefer to remain within several hours drive of my family, if possible.**

Who am I? Well, I come from a God-loving homeschooling family; the fifth of six kids. I am enormously grateful for the upbringing my parents provided, humanly flawed as it may have been. Lord willing, I hope to do the same or better for my own children someday. As I have always wanted to get married and have children, believing it to be the best use of my resources as a steward in this life, I have tried to model my priorities around preparing for that office. I love to laugh, and enjoy little more than spending time with my family. I also greatly enjoy being outdoors, and have a fondness for animals as well. As for personality, I tend to be more on the thinking and task-oriented side of the spectrum, though I certainly have emotions and social inclinations as well. I’m often humorous, for better or worse, with some tendencies towards sarcasm. I’m typically pretty open to most activities and trying new things, though I’m not without my limits. I always struggle with these descriptions, so I ask that you get to know me and decide for yourself!

As for what I am looking for, a solid faith in and relationship with God is a given. I’m hoping for someone who will be a level-headed leader with maturity, wisdom, and sound doctrine, who is responsible and hard-working, and who is eager to have children and raise them with biblical values. Homeschooling is something I consider to be an important part of raising children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord,” and so desire a husband who prioritizes that lifestyle. I would also prefer a man who tends to be intellectual and analytical in nature and who approaches decisions with prayerful and objective discernment, while also possessing a good sense of humor.

In no particular order, here are some snapshots about me:

Some of the things I enjoy: DIYing, hiking, campfires, cooking, sewing, thrifting, crafting, animals, movies, learning (especially via videos/podcasts/sermons), analytical discussions, theology, playing with my young nephew, and table games, among other things

Some of the things important to me: maintaining a decently healthy lifestyle, learning and growing in all spiritual and personal matters, committed involvement in church and a faith community, family-oriented priorities, and bible-centric values

Some things I believe:

-The One, True, Sovereign God in Father - all-powerful, all-knowing, in all time and places, and ever-unchanging; the Son - came to earth as 100% man and 100% God, leaving his non-moral attributes for a future time, submitting to the Father, now ascended to the right hand of the Father; and the Holy Spirit - given to dwell in those who are saved as comforter, helper, and our power for sanctification and evangelism. I believe that the God of the Old Testament is the same as today and tomorrow, though He has operated in somewhat different ways towards mankind throughout man’s history.

-The total fall of mankind from Adam’s sin in Eden, making it impossible for man to choose righteousness. This does not mean that man is always as evil as possible, but rather than we are dead in our trespasses and sin unless God graciously provides life and draws us to salvation. I do believe that every aspect of man is corrupted by sin, including feelings, thoughts, flesh, and will.

-Christ’s fully-sufficient sacrifice on the Cross, satisfying the price of atonement for those who are called to salvation, enrobing the elect in His righteousness until such time as His work is complete at the final judgement.

-The sufficiency, inerrancy/infallibility, and supreme authority of scripture as the Word of God, God-breathed and the foundation for knowing God and His truth, and discerning how to live for Him in all of life.

-The bodily resurrection for all people; for those who are chosen by God’s grace for salvation to the new heaven and new earth where God will dwell in New Jerusalem; for those dead in sin to the Lake of Fire.

-The biblical model for family and authority: Marriage between one man and one woman until death. The man as the house-head loving, leading, instructing, and sanctifying his wife and children. The woman as the man’s helpmeet, submitting to and respecting her husband, training, disciplining, and caring for her children and the home.

-Life from conception

-Submission to all authorities until or unless they command what God has prohibited, or prohibit what God has commanded, bearing any consequences with a God-honoring attitude.

(I would like to add scripture references, but I don’t want this section to be too long.)
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