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4 Yr College Degree
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Social Services - Retired
I enjoy helping others to reach their goals, attending ballets& theatricals, traveling,going to beach & revers & national parks.
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As my years have come to the silver age, I come to realize my self worth and values has changed with aging and maturity, I 'm in touch with myself , appreciating having and keeping an open mind to life changes my Lord has shown me to trust in Him. As an example, I can see more clearly the qualities in others that I may not have seen before such as in relationship, seeing my mate for who he is and not through "rose colored glasses. In every relationship there will be some challenges and how I and my mate handle them will determine the out come, especially if we practice Godliness first in not self righteousness.

However, there are likes and dislikes that really need praying on low tolerance matters and how we go about , such as seeking God first before making decisions and demanding who's right or wrong. This part of having healthy tolerance I find with my mate challenging his authority over Christ and me. Sure it is understood God made Adam 1st and Eve as his "help mate," butt no means should men treat their spouse as an toddler who can not make some casual decision on her own, as with purchasing household and some others as well. Same is true for the mate. This is where my tolerance are low and it takes all Christ-like learning to not lose control with my mate. It kind of makes me wonder, is he in an Christ-like workable relations centered around Christ or for his on authority? This is a mayor part of dislikes for me and who knows how many others in an relationships? When we can't come an agreement, we should both pray to our Lord together when we don't know what to pray.

I have an romantic part of me to love my mate no matter what his ethnic group may be, I'm open minded. And I work build up good support for him when he comes home feeling liking the world is on his shoulders. My first approach is to get him comfortable and an understanding kiss to
let him know I'm right with him, I'll get him a glass of water, set next to him and ask if he's ready to talk about whatever is troubling him? Also for me, when he is discussing the issues, I pray first for my complete understanding before he speaks and not break in with an prepared solution. As I set next to him I give him small light hand messages and or rub his back until he sorts thru issues, we end with a prayer. What I like most is he always shows me his gratitude in many different ways. As I think about my likes and dislikes my thoughts are on having a mate that doesn't need any spacial occasion to bring me flowers when he comes home or just because, he's just showing me love and trust me for whatever reason.

This is very important to me in a relationship, or friendship at any point. I can not accept men who smoke anything for any reason. Nor can I be involved with someone who has Drug and Alcohol, consistent grass smoker use in my life, so sorry. However I accept very light consumption wine on occasions as do I.
First Date
Some may like a lavish dinners with other people and couples so close to you they can hear every word you talk about? If asked for first date, and the weather is warm, I most likely would suggest that we on a day trip away from the city noise and others setting to close spoiling our seclusion while we set with a picnic lunch we prepared, on light blanket out under giant redwood trees watching waterfalls or a secluded lake or beach where it isn't crowed, A place whee we a really get to know each other as we talk and maybe walk some? It will be just the two of us sharing thoughts, ,eating, having the best fun and conversations that really we would remember for years to come.

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