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Beauty begins on the inside and proceeds outward!



*No pic on Profile, including main pic, equals NO chat and DELETE.

*English level: At least 75% or greater, preferably somewhat fluent.

*Education Level: High School Diploma minimum

•Although Vocational/Technical Diploma, or Associate/Bachelor/Master degree is preferred but NOT required.

*I DO NOT send money to anyone I HAVE NOT met in person.

*I DO NOT give out my banking information, nor do financial transactions, real estate listings, receive funds, cash checks, convert funds into bitcoins, get involved in business/work activities or such with people I meet online.

*Must have means to do live video/audio chat, as this will be required soon after meeting to ensure you are real and who you say you are in your profile and chat.


*Open to Chat/Email/Talk, Friend, Long Term Relationship, Marriage

What I Am Looking For In My Life Partner

*Looking for woman for friendship which will lead to relationship and eventually marriage.

*I seek love, honesty, respect, trust, commitment, care, acceptance, and understanding.

*Must be a God Fearing, Christ Following, Born Again Believer (No Exceptions).

*Must be non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user or other such vices.

*Must not have tattoos, or body piercings beyond traditional ear ring piercings.

*Height 5'-9" tall or less. Preferred height range is appropriately 5'-2" to 5'-8", but height is not carved in stone.

*Prefer woman with dark hair (medium brown, dark brown, black) & brown or black eyes. A preference, but not a requirement.

*Must be family oriented

*Must at least be open to the idea of having child(ren) or additional child(ren) together if possible.

*Open to any age, as long she is mature, and we are compatible.

*The minimum age considered should be 25 or greater; although 30 to 40 would be more acceptable for compatibility as well as still having the potential of bearing a child(ren) together. Open up to age 55, if having a child(ren) is not possible or desired by my potential life partner. Please note that age preference here is not carved in stone.

*Open to various ethnicities and skin tones from porcelain to expresso.

*Interested in woman from these regions (in alphabetical order):

•American - Central

•American - North (Canada, Mexico, USA)

•American - South

•Asian - East (China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan)

•Asian - Southeast (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)


•European - East

•European - West

•New Zealand

If you are in other region than those listed, and think we might be compatible, then please message me and we will discuss.

*Beauty begins on the inside and proceeds outward.

Brief Info About Myself

*I am single (since 2013). Been married twice (1997 & 2012), and divorced twice (2008 & 2013)

*Both ex-spouses have remarried (October 2014 & November 2014).

*I have four sons ages 22, 19, 17, 17. No daughters.

*Open to the possibility of having one or two additional child(ren) with my wife when I remary, if she would like to have child(dren) with me. Also welcome any existing child(ren) you may have already.

*God Fearing, Christ Following, Born Again Believer.

*Raised in church with Holiness/Pentecostal belief.

*Retired early due to health issues.

*Former Retail Sales Associate (Cellular Phones/Home Electronics).

*I have various interest (see below).

*Please feel free to ask me any questions you may want to ask.

*If possible, I will to respond to all messages. If I am not interested, then I will kindly reply and tell you I am not interested. I want to be courteous and honest. I do not like rudeness or such. I hope that you will also extend such courtesy to me.

*In the past I had a detailed profile on here, but I decided to try a profile with sparse information, and allow the woman to ask me questions.

*It had been my experience that women would end up asking me questions about myself, which I had already covered in my profile.




•55 year old
•5 feet 9 inches tall
•Big Guy
•Dark brown hair (bald on top)
•Brown eyes

*Single - Divorced (Twice)

*I am single (since 2013). Been married twice (1997 & 2012), and divorced twice (2008 & 2013)

*Both ex-spouses desired another man instead of me.

*Both ex-spouses made the conscious willful decision to divorce me.

*Both ex-spouses have now remarried to the men they desired before leaving.

*Both ex-spouses have remarried (October 2014 & November 2014).

*No longer the husband of any wife.

*Am now able to remarry in the Lord according to scripture.

*If you are sincere and seriously interested in me, I will gladly share the details of my two past marriages and divorces.

*Father of four sons (ages 22, 19, 17, 17), from my first marriage. No children from my second marriage (she was unable to have children).

*My two oldest son's now live full time with their mother.

*My two youngest sons are twins, and they live with me half time, and half time with their mother. They are at home with me every other week for a week at a time.


*God fearing, Christ following, Born-Again, Spirit filled believer. Man of faith, and trust in God. I believe in the Trinity of the Godhead. I believe in the inspiration, and illumination of scripture.

*I believe God can and does speak to His children, whether to an individual's: Thoughts, Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit, or Ears. I believe God has the right to chose how He communicates with believers in Him.

*Born-again at the age of 8 years old. I live a clean moral life to the best of my ability, by following Christ example.

*I grew up and was raised and attend a church which is of Holiness/Pentecostal beliefs, specifically Church of God of Prophecy. They teach born-again salvation, repentance, sanctification, water baptism, and Holy Spirit baptism, among many other Christian beliefs.

*My beliefs are not just limited to those which I have been taught in my early years. I have grown much in God, and in understanding of scriptures.


*A mature, loving, caring, gentle, kind man with a warm heart. Honest, sincere, self giving, dedicated, trustworthy, dependable, faithful, and enduring.

*Quick wit with a great sense of humor, and sometimes to the point of silly or goofy at times; especially when I get really tired.

*Sensitive, but yet strong. Tried but true. Forged but tender. Tolerate but yet reasonably firm.

*I am open minded and able to see and think outside the proverbial box.

*High morals and values, based on God's law and scriptures. Strict scripture based upbringing from an infant up has positively shaped my life and formed the man I am today.

*A thinker with an imaginative, intriguing, inventive, innovative, and creative mind. Attention to detail, and sharp eye. Resourceful, practical, logical, determined, patience, and intelligent.


*Have various interests ranging from:

• God, scriptures, and related topics

•Researching topics of interest

•History, geography, cultures, genealogy

•Technology, manufacturing, automobiles

•Drawing, design, building, DIY, crafts

•Writing, expressing my thoughts into words

•Watching videos, surfing the internet

•Being creative, inventive, innovative

•Numerous other things in between, and aside of those listed above.

*Just ask and share your interest, and we will see where our discussion goes. Sound like fun?


•Unable to relocate outside of the Upper Cumberland Region of the Eastern Tennessee. The area where the Eastern Highland Rim and the Cumberland Plateau meet and create beautiful scenic views and afford a unique lifestyle in the surrounding hills and mountains!

•Might eventually consider relocation within the Southeast region, after my sons are finished with college and fully on their own.

•It is important that I am close and could easily be able to return to where I currently live now. My children and family all live close in this area. So being able visit them from time to time is of great importance to me.
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