Romans 8:28 ALWAYS applies, I am looking forward to see where this second act of my life leads...

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I have three kids, with the youngest a toddler and the oldest heading into his tweens. I am a super-involved dad, and I figure before it's over I will have at least a few more kids - which is great with me. I am a veteran of a nearly 20 year marriage that was great when it was good, but hit an iceberg. Suffice to say, I left it all on the field and only with zero choice. At this point I am legally separated and am waiting on the divorce to finalize. Please don't ask if it's workable - I do believe in a God of lost causes and second chances but that prayer was not answered as I hoped this time. Nevertheless, God is in control ALWAYS and Romans 8:28 does not say SOME things are working together for the good but rather ALL things. I currently have shared custody but this will likely become full before it's over.
My kids have been raised in church, watching Dad occasionally sing solos, in church every time the doors were open, going on youth trips, hearing about Dad's mission trip, and being involved in youth Choir (Also singing solos ). They have known the Bible well from a young age. My kids have had the Bible read to them many times over and over (my favorite is the "Jesus Storybook Bible", check it out) by the time they can read it themselves.
I am looking for a help-mate, and someone I can truly build something new with. I can typically cover the finances alone, but really don't want hate if life sends inevitable complications! I genuinely like to cook, don't mind cleaning, and I am the first up at any peep from kids at night, but I am a disaster in organizing and decorating. If you have a women's Bible study, I will move heaven and earth in my schedule to make it happen.
I moved rural about 5 years ago with the intention of raising my kids on a kind of hobby farm. I have kinda moved away from that and I am now thinking a very small or modest home, with a big garden, some chickens, and a BIG RV set up for adventures! I like to bike and hike and this is how I weigh only like 20 pounds different then college.
I am a big believer in preparedness as a way of life. I won't get into details at this point, but suffice to say I am not worried about any zombies.
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Go for a walk to talk without interruption and get to know one another before grabbing a bite.
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