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note**: some people seem to frequent my profile, but I can't message you even if I tried because I'm slightly off your set age restriction.

**I apologize for my long short, I desire a woman who is in love with the Lord, and who is fulfilled by God's love(that their true security comes from Him, and not from something of this it is like chasing the wind..I've met too many Christians who are still addicted/attached to things of this world to satisfy themselves with, drugs, alcohol, sex/affection of the flesh, fulfill their emptiness inside..wake up, seek the Lord! It is He a lone that satisfies us!..He is the water that we drink from that quenches our thirst forever..not the things of this world..then when you get yourself together in Him..go and be a blessing in someone else's your future he would be a blessing in your life, =)...I don't have double standards, I want to be a blessing in your life, that I have something to give(for He is my source, my strength, my love, my security! What I have to give, I only have from Him! I/we are nothing without Him!), to serve and love and do what God has called me to do. To get a more in-depth idea of me, read below..or ask questions. . one could go on to dream/demand a "perfect" person, but in my opinion all you(I) need is a person who's heart is modeled after Christ, that they are genuine and authentic..and all the rest is there.. I believe the "perfect" spouse has Jesus living in their heart and that they have submitted to His ways..and that sums it up.

(note: if you don't know Jesus... ask Him into your life, pick up a Bible[preferably word for word translation based: ie: KJV, NASB, NKJV, etc... not saying those are the only ones, just throwing it out there]... pray to Him, ask Him to reveal Himself, read the bible, seek Him, ask Him to reveal Himself through the Bible... find a church, ask if they are Bible based... throw me a note, I'll pray for you... Jesus is the Truth, the Way, and the Life, and no one gets to the Father except through Him... John 14:6 ..we have eternal salvation only through Him, by God's love and an Eternal journey with Him..)

I believe relationships are developed over time as we learn to love and get a long with each other more each day(I get a long with my family members-not because we're "perfect" for eachother, but more-over, because we're committed, dedicated, and devoted to loving one another...that we were taught/commanded to love one another and that we are dedicated to that no matter what...), just like how all my best friendships have been(guy or girl, young or old), that we would be committed to understanding each other =] ... if we are married, we are devoted to loving eachother for life..and that takes two to submit to eachother to get along with eachother no matter what, =]..just like family.(I don't want to divorce, I fear God, only grounds of divorce is adultery , I don't care if we argue everyday[I rather we not though, hah] we must still fight for the marriage and remember our vows to the Lord..but it makes it more easier if we both "fight" for our marriage together, ;) )...

I am a virgin, and my wife would be the only one(before you say that it's nothing, I have fought hard to remain so, walking out of situations, that I would honor and obey my God, before my flesh, and that I would be accountable to my future wife<you are the only one I would share my body with in totality, physically, emotionally, etc. if we are God designed sex to be between husband and wife, in marriage>...Jesus is my master, so whom's will and voice will I hearken to?..) whom I have shared my body with. Our bodies are sacred temples, and it is not my own, but this body is the Lord's...that I truly live for Him and not to for fleshly's not a deal breaker for me if you are not a virgin(mainly because I can't seem to find anyone who is these days, especially with how Hollywood/the world glorifies promiscuity...BUT you have to be serious about your abstinence since then.. in obedience to Christ..), but what matters is, that we are saved now, walking in the light, and that your past is your past and that you are a new creation, no longer a slave to sinful desires and the ways of the I crucify my flesh daily and live by the spirit, born of heaven, =]...I can't stress all I want is someone who is truly born again in Jesus Christ..that covers it all...(won't have to worry about someone to cheat on you if they put God first..won't have to worry about someone who will genuinely know how to love you, not just fake it..etc. etc. etc..someone who would be patient and kind..the perfect person..has Christ in we battle our sinful desires)..and this goes for me and you..we are only able to overcome by the power of Jesus Christ who has given us the Spirit(John 16:6)...I am not righteous, it is only Christ in me who is good! Make no mistake on that, and that goes for everyone who is a believer!


I am seeking a woman of God, to run in life with...together, spiritually, mentally, and physically in our race towards it starting a loving godly family together, helping out the church community, or being witnesses, some or all, or even more than the we're called to..producing a spiritually "fruitful" life(not just once a week church goers who pursue their own things after a Sunday sermon)...I trust in the Lord that we would find each other to be in each other's life be it God willed and ordained.

You must be a woman of God..someone who reads and knows the word, who is a prayer warrior, believes in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and someone who walks with the Lord....that we would be of the same Spirit, one body, one mind...running together...loving, helping, and supporting each iron sharpening iron..

I would love her as my own body(Mark 12:31 and Phillipians 2:3), her and I would be as one(Gen. 2:24..among other verses), and she wouldn't have to ever be worried about having a man who loves her or a man with chivalry, those things won't be an issue...though if that's all you want and are worried about and want a guy who kisses your toes all day and who idolizes you..then we won't be a good match for eachother, ;)..for God is the true source of our security and comfort, that includes for me too(though we all have "fleshly" desires and needs, God is the one I seek for my true refuge)...I'm not looking for someone who is materialistic, superficial, and finds her comfort in the fleshly and worldly things...we can enjoy those things too(within godly boundaries, that we shall not idolize), but God is number one, in spirit and in truth...I don't believe in playing games or being the fake/fantasy cowboy she sees in her fav country song, I am as real and genuine as possible..the love from my heart...that Jesus has showed me, not hollywood...

I would pray that whoever my wife be, that we would be attractive to each other, mutually and naturally, that we would love eachother's company(that I would look at her every day and thank God for such a beautiful and loving woman in my life, regardless of her physical characteristics: hair/eye color, relative height, etc. ..that she would look at me and thank God that I'm in her life, as God has sent each of us into our lives to help each other run together in this life.. ), inside and out, again..spiritually, mentally, and physically... and we would help each other grow in all areas of our lives, like iron sharpening a nurturing, positive, and encouraging environment, =] As I believe in creating a community and culture of love(community takes 2).

As a Christian walking by faith and submission to the Lord I believe in living in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.. as any God-fearing Christian person should be..I will remember my call as I fight my flesh daily(I'm not perfect) to be selfless...I hope to find a God-fearing woman who sees similarly...

That is what I desire...I desire to find a life-long partner one day. Someone to call friend, lover, wife...someone to love for the rest of my life, until we're old and gray, haha, I'll be by her side and she'll be by mine...but until then, we're just friends, ;) lol

If you want to get to know me and I want to get to know you and we find that we're compatible and having mutual feelings for eachother, and then we'll go from there~

Also..distance to an extent wouldn't be a deal breaker to me..if you are one of many and felt the same way, I'd be up for trying to make things work.. after all I live in a secular area, hard to find other Christians. I would love to sincerely tell my future wife one day..."of all the women in the world, you surpass them all"..because you have Jesus in your heart, and I as well...I can't stress enough... Jesus is the only one who fills the void in man's(and woman's) hearts.. that overflows with joy in our hearts, there is no "pefect" self-sufficient human being on the planet, only Jesus is our true security/comfort/love/peace...not my g/f, not your b/f...(I meet too many women on here who somehow believe, since they were taught by their favorite romance novels/hollywood movies, that some man will stumble upon, who is rich, handsome, and will love/worship them and make all their pain go away... sorry, but this is a lie of the world, plus it's selfish and delusional, and likewise, a woman cannot do this for me either...only God...and we worship Him..know this! And If you do know this, then please talk to me! haha...because such women are hard to come by these days...especially in the US)

I am family oriented, old fashioned in my own ways, and will humbly love and serve(lead) my family as I was called to. In all of my ways I want to acknowledge Him, and lean not on my own understanding. I have goals and dreams of building a "self-sustainable" home on a plot of land one day... message me if you'd like to get to know me or whatever.

My priority list in life:

1.)God (whom I credit as the provider of my every need and it trickles down the, water, shelter, clothes, money, and relationships placed in my life...and is my Lord and Savior..whom I serve, seek, and love with all my heart, mind, and purpose in life is to glorify and please Him)

2.)Family (speaking of immediate/blood family..I am a family oriented man, and dream of starting a family with someone one day..the bond of family is important to me as it is your own small loving community that God has provided us with..."flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood".. my wife, my children, my wife's immediate family, and my own immediate family will have my heart and loyalty as I humbly serve and love them as I should)

3.)Friends (true friends are like brothers and sisters to me..and are a prelude to family..we care for eachother, we look out for eachother, we are kind and genuine to eachother(not just because we try to impress eachother) and we both offer something to one another in a mutually benefiting relationship.. and if they are fellow Christians, then in essence, you are my brother and sister, despite your height, weight, gender, or "color"...we serve the same Father as one)

As for what I believe in..or my "denomination" I put down "non-denominational", but I grew up a Baptist, then went on to Assemblies of God... let me say that I believe in the full gospel, I believe in the power and authority of the bible, I believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit (healing, speaking in tongues, prophecy, word of knowledge, etc.)..all of it, not part of it, all of it(some may accept the teachings of the bible, but reject healing, or other parts, etc... I believe what the bible says it is, the living word of God).. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever...and that Jesus is the only way to the Father, He is the truth the way and the life(not just "a way", but "the way", the one and only, as the bible states).

As someone who studied Economics, allow me to say that we are heading for some tough times ahead(the media may not have exposed the full extent of it yet..but when they do, it will probably be too late) warned, be the Lord my fellow He always provides.

As a last note, I want to emphasize that I am not self-righteous, for no man is righteous before the Lord, but I am redeemed by the grace of God through Jesus Christ, I am nothing without my God,for the Lord is my strength, my guidance, my counselor, I battle daily to forsake and crucify the desires of my flesh(someone treats me bad, sure I am tempted to react in a way that is not godly)...But I am a virgin(but again this does not make me righteous or better than another person), and I will not fornicate(have sex outside of marriage), I have fought hard so wife will be the first of having the honor to "have" me, as I'm "saving" myself for her..but more importantly, in the big picture, as I desire to honor God I am nothing more than a lowly human made of dust and not look for "man" to fulfill your comfort, but look to the one and only almighty and limitless God, our creator.


I hope I've said enough for you to get an idea of what kind of person I am. I do not play mind games or other immature behavior that leads to manipulation of any sort..if I'm interested in you I pray that I have the heart to tell you humbly, sincerely, earnestly(that I would pray about it), yet boldly....also understand that I may have a reason not to respond..take it that it's in the Lord's hand..if it was meant to be, it was meant to be(as I pray that our feelings and interest would be mutual for eachother and not one sided), if it was not meant to be, then it was not meant be, but that the Lord knows our hearts, our desires.

If you're interested, send me a it will tell me that if I messaged you, you might actually want to message me back...that something on my profile struck you as worthy of your notice, and perhaps you wouldn't mind getting to know me...that way I can message you first(I believe in chivalry, however understand that most girls here demand that I write them a funny/"interesting" first note to get my note read, even if I was able to achieve that, in the end if they are not initially interested/attracted they would probably not respond anyways, hence I would've wasted my time and efforts in vain, that is why I respect and believe in mutual interest, =]).. or if you wanted to cut to the chase you could just message me to talk or ask questions, etc...I believe everything happens for a reason~..if you pray and think that we could* be right for eachother and could "run" together in life towards Jesus.. I would pray that God has sent eachother into our lives if it was meant to be..either way, I wish the best for you as a fellow Christian brother.

I tried to keep my profile as Christ centered as much as possible, I am a Christ follower, I am continuing to read the bible daily as it is my spiritual food(do you ever skip out on your physical food?) as to stay strong and healthy(not starved and impoverished), spiritually, mentally, and physically. God must be first in my life...

First Date
Go to church, worship God and pray and enjoy each-other's company..anywhere, be it in the city or in the country, as long as we're enjoying eachother's company and getting to know eachother.
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