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Never dated but reconsidered recently :)

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Computer games, soccer, art, creativity, movies: Sci fi, comedy, fantasy; music: Dance, pop, classic rock, power ballards
About Me
My personality type is INFJ; if you want to learn a bit about me, googling that will give you a little insight into my mind :) I am a vegan, and stick to the food laws in the Old Testament too, so no mushrooms either. That's not to say I eat particularly healthily though 😁 I like chips and cake as much as the next guy :) I don't mind if you are a meat eater though :)

A few things I think are positives: I am funny, intelligent, creative, very kind, and a great listener. 2 of my 3 closest female friends have said at different times that I am the sweetest guy they have ever met :) My religion and morals are very important to me. Also I literally wouldn't hurt a fly, if I find a gnat drowning in a drink I left out I will fish it out and try to save it :) I don't think I look particularly handsome, although friends have said otherwise; but that's a matter of opinion, and anyway, it is my mind, heart and soul that attract girls usually :)

I am very creative, I am a computer games developer, but in my spare time have drawn some celebrity portraits and have made some music which I posted on youtube too :)

I have some pretty serious religious beliefs too, which may make it hard for me to find a gf. I am looking for a Christian woman, and we couldn't use any form of birth control except not making love at certain times of the month, so if you definitely won't want kids but can have kids, it probably won't work unfortunately :(

My Christian beliefs always come first, even if it means I'll never find a suitable wife, never have sex :)

Some fave movies: The Matrix, The Fifth Element, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Scary Movie 2 lol;

Some fave songs: Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank, Seal - Kiss From A Rose, Roxette - It Must Have Been Love, Boston - More Than A Feeling

Fave TV shows: Red Dwarf, Friends :)
First Date
For a proper first date maybe go to the beach maybe, have a long chat and see the sights, get to know each other :) Will probably have to get to know each other via video chats before that :)
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