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Does anyone read bios anymore?

If you do then I’ll start with my name — Robert!

And before we start the boring back and forth questions game, let’s start this with honesty for a change and save us both some time.

I think a lot of people try to find that right person or the love of their life, but end up broken-hearted, mostly because we live in a superficial world where “what will you do for me?” or “you need to meet my emotional needs!” mentality is the thing people want in a partner. So after many attempts and have failed time and time again, we get back on apps like this in hopes of finding that next “right” person who might be the one — or the temporary one.

We are all looking for someone who we can be compatible with — but as we get older and through trial and error, our standards get lower and lower. At some point that fairytale love story never happens and now we are all just trying to find someone we can tolerate so we don’t end up alone for the rest of our lives — Before you judge me, No! I’m not a pessimistic person, quite the opposite, but I now know who I am and I’m not willing to jump on that unnecessary roller-coaster of emotions just to please someone.

As this world becomes more self-absorbed — we should become more selfless! Finding the right person requires that you first need to be the right person! You need to deal with your childhood traumas and work on yourself daily and then that will attract the right person in your life.

So if you have read all this so far, here is who I am… hope you are interested enough to continue reading so we don’t both waste our time.

Career: I am a licensed Financial Representative. I help people make decisions with their investment in the stock market, but I also love marketing and finding ways to make more money, so in addition to my career in finance, I am a part owner is small businesses ranging from glamping resorts, restaurants, and online franchises. Yes! I am a workaholic because I understand that my time to financial independence/stability/wealthy is limited. My goal is to build a homestead within the next 2 years and retire somewhere in the south of France in 5 years time.

So if you wanna take on that challenge to get me to not work for a bit and spend time with you, be my guest — It’s not impossible, but quite difficult.

Goals: financial independence to provide for myself, my child/future children, family and to be wealthy in all aspects of my life.
Religion: NONE! I believe the Bible and nothing else. I do go to church and have volunteered in ministry and church all my life. Matthew 10:7
Political views: Conservative. I am not interested in arguing what is right/wrong with this country! I DO NOT believe in abortion, the whole gender identity crisis, feminism, liberalism, Marxism or Left vs Right. All the Sci-Fi movies you have watched have come true, but most importantly, I believe in the true God who is our father, Jesus who died for us and resurrected to give us eternal life - anything outside of that is meaningless and pointless.

Relationship style: As a man (a masculine man) I believe in Gods structure for marriage and will follow his commandments as to what a man is to his wife and children. Traditionalism is Gods way

Now, at this point if you are still reading this and still interested, I would try my hardest to make you happy, for both of us to be happy, to have love, support, to make each other better, but most importantly to have a Christ-focused relationship with each other for the rest of time.
If this is what you’re looking for, then reach to me! Let’s see if we can make a beautiful life together.
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