The Masculinity of a man is not toxic, if Christ is his King.

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Bible Study, Watching Christian sermons and talks, attending church functions and events. Learning new interests..
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God and Christs is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
The Man belongs to God/ Christ. The Man does everything for God first.
The woman belongs to the man, she is second and serves God by serving her man.
The man lives a life for his soul and the man sees his body as dust.
The woman lives a life for her soul and sees her body as the rib brought out of the man.
The man was created to work the earth for six days with all his works pleasing God.
The woman spends six days assisting her man, so he succeeds in his work.
The man takes one day to honor God and enjoy the good he had done.,
The woman takes one day to honor her man by allowing him to rest from his work, and blessing him with your gratitude for his work.
The man lives in the likeness of God. The man creates his home and fill it with only the good needs for himself and his family that will please God.
The woman lives in the likeness of the church, maintaining the home, and giving thanks daily for the good needs the man provides for her and the family.
The man is ready to leave his mother and father to become stuck like glue to one woman to become one flesh with her alone.
The man is a husband who loves his one wife in the same way Christ loves the church. Constantly thinking of what is best for her willing to sacrifice his own self-comfort.
The woman is a wife who loves her husband in the same way the church loves Christ. Constantly thinking of what is best for him willing to sacrifice self-comfort.
The man is a father who raises his kids as God raised us. He teaches through his word and his example.
The woman is a mother who raises her kids follow the lead of their father.
The father does not allow the world to teach for him. He sets his rules and expectations based on God rules and expectations.
The mother is to insist the kids learn only from their father and not any other person but their father.

The Boy will be raised to be a man of God, as they are expected to be.
The Girl will be raised to be a woman for man, God expects them to be.
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You take the lead, with Christ between us always.
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