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I think I'm an interesting and worthwhile, though imperfect person. Quite the lady's man; if only in my head. I'm a bit of a legalist on what I believe most Christians know are essential biblical doctrines, but beyond that small list, I'm fairly laissez faire. I also realize that nobody can live up to God's perfect standard and it is not our place to judge. Instead, we are to only discern and act. I greatly value simplicity, but understand that the simple answer is unfortunately not always right. Also, not really interested in fitting in if it means compromising my values.

In addition to being doctrinally conservative in my faith, I'm also very politically conservative and anti-Marxism/communism. Therefore, I believe that men and women have different inherent strengths and weaknesses, and that feminism, and all other leftist beliefs, have had a net negative impact on American culture and prosperity.

If you are international, welcome to my profile! There are a couple of requests that I have. At this time, the likelihood that I would move to another country permanently is very low, so you would likely need to come to the US at some point. As a result, if you do not speak English, and have no ambition to learn it, please skip me. If you have no post-secondary education, don't have a skill that can lead to some kind of professional work, or the ambition to gain either, please skip me. If you speak English already or are working on it, and you have a desire for some kind of skilled work or are willing to learn, if we are a match, I'd potentially be willing to pay to get you the education and training. In an ideal world, I would like to have a stay at home wife, but in today's economic climate, it's no longer practical.

All I want is someone who agrees with me on the clearly written major doctrines of the Bible, who is willing to hold down a job, who doesn't try to use coercion or manipulation to force me to do what they want, and least importantly, someone who I find even just a little attractive.
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