1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

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INFP, history, thunderstorms, bible, cooking, singing, geography, acting, board games, museums, exploring interesting small towns, movies, plays and theater, concerts, documentaries, road trips, music, coffee, conversation, flea markets
About Me

1965 ‘one of a kind’ model available for the right driver. Has been in and out of storage over the last several years. One owner for 10 years but was traded in for a newer model. A few long and short-term leases. Old school styling, classic lines and roomy…clean title with no accidents. All stock inside and out… runs strong… never stalls or chokes… a few dents but no rust and body is straight. May find a few crumbs and odds & ends under the back seat, a couple of knobs missing, upholstery a little worn but very comfy, radio works great but tunes into old school stations. Can get a little shaky at high speeds. No fluid leaks. May be a little hard to start in the morning. Loaded with history and stories. Too many features to list, must see to appreciate! Still has many miles left! This is a generous ride that keeps on giving. Seeks a driver who will cherish this handsome ride and overlook a few dings to feel the overall value of this investment.

I am... perceptive, insightful, creative, reserved, intelligent, empathetic, supportive, committed, innovative, gentle, idealistic, flexible, curious, deep, loyal, compassionate, passionate, communicative, nurturing, open-minded, free-thinking, slow to answer, slow to anger, spiritual, flirty, and funny

Love languages ranked in order:
8 Acts of Service
7 Physical Touch
7 Quality Time
7 Words of Affirmation
1 Receiving Gifts

According to Myers-Briggs personality test, I am an INFP

Divorced in 2009 (separated in 2006) and married once. Ex and I are friends. Empty nester. I have 3 adult sons. Two grandsons ages 4 and 3 months.

Professional graphic designer and production artist for over 30 years.

Looking for a long-term relationship beginning with a friendship.

I am a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ.

I enjoy musical theater and theater in general, museums, art, music appreciation, concerts, board games, stimulating and intelligent conversations, church, creating art, singing.

I am an independent. I’m open minded and willing to truly discuss issues without becoming emotional and immediately passing judgment on someone else’s point of view. My core position on the political compass is slightly right of center and libertarian.

TURN ONS: Manners | Sunrises | Possibilities | Comfort Food | Comfort Anything | Old Used Book Stores | Maps | Art For Art’s Sake | Evening Breezes | Shade | Smiles | Thanksgiving-Christmas Season | Hiking | Mountains | Desert Sunsets | Country Walks | Smell Of The Ocean | Old-fashioned Values | Clean Cool Sheets | Optimism | Thunderstorms | Honesty | Sarcasm | Thoughtfulness | Serendipity | Human Touch | Intelligence

TURN OFFS: Pretentiousness | Banality | Humidity | Betrayal | Lying | Immorality | Selfishness | Power Hungry People | Being Rushed | Cheating | Boasting | Cheap Perfume Or Cologne | Bullies | Being Late | Blue Screen Of Death | Rude People & Drivers | Superficial People
First Date
Open to planning a variety of types of dates, but a fun first date that's casual could be meeting for brunch on a saturday morning. After take a drive up into north Georgia maybe stopping along the way at a roadside fruit stand, stop in a quaint town and walk around, or head to a street festival.
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