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Hi, I am Alicia.

I am a registered nurse by profession, but looking to be led by God for further instructions in life. I am just waiting on His words, timing and guidance.
I consider myself to be kind, patient, considerate, caring, nice, honest and loving.
Beauty is in all colors, shades, shapes and sizes. And God made everyone beautiful in many ways... but, I may not be everybodies type ( and you may not be mines) ... physically, emotionally or spiritually etc. .. and its okay to have types in this one life we have. But, just dont be racist, shameful, hateful or mean about it. Just politely decline and move on, and I will do the same as well....
I welcome all men of different Colors, Races, Nationalities, etc.
I believe the right person will come along.. If its Gods will, because, His will shall be done regardless..
I would prefer a stable man of God aged around 30 to 36... someone to grow old with...
not some one who is already there.....
No offense...... but sorry Guys...

Although if a man is truly awesome.....
I would consider some one a tad bit older.. to be honest...
...but Im open to all Christians friendships of all ages .

Also, I believe one husband to one wife and one wife to one husband. I didnt think I would have to put that statement on here, but it has come to my attention that those beliefs statements are needed.. because.....there are some people who believe in God and believe God intended and condones polygamy.
I encourage all people who think it is okay to search scripture to find truth. But to my understanding of scripture polygamy is wrong in many accounts. His word says to dont take multiple wives least you turn your heart from him... etc. ( but for reference 1 corinthians 7:2, matthew 19: 4-5, deuteronomy 17:17.. )... I could go on about this topic but I digress.
I can discuss in chat more If you like.
But.. as for me.. I WANT A MAN of GOD WHO AGREES with the scripture detailing laws of ONE WIFE TO ONE HUSBAND and ONE HUSBAND TO ONE WIFE. And who is against Polygamy!
* Just to be clear*

Nonetheless, I have been a christian for all of my life... basically, but chose Christ officially at age 12. I got baptized at age 18.
Once, you officially chose Christ you should change and be renewed daily, even. Because, it is not an overnight process.
We all go through grow through it. And we should all become better Christians by the battles we go through with God on our sides.... only Him can get us through it and defeat our enemies. And change us inwardly.

Every day we must die from sin, carnal desires, wickedness, evil and from ourselves and arise in righteousness and in Christ. For we must live in Christ because He died for us. Jesus Christ died for our sins by becoming the ultimate sacrifice. We must believe, obey and love God daily. I believe we must be faithful to Christ, obedient to His laws and will and love God.
For even Jesus said ...those who cast out demons...( believed.. had faith.. said they loved him and called on Him as Lord and said they knew him.....) .........> STILL will NOT enter the kingdom of heaven... and that they never knew Him and He never knew them....... for they worked iniquities and were still sinners.... etc.....
although they believed.. had faith . and had the holy spirit with cast out demons... they were lukewarm, they sinned, they worked iniquities........!!
That is a scary thought if you really think about it.... I would love to discuss it with those who agree or dont understand it yet...

So please take heed and fully read all of scripture, so we can all know exactly where we stand as Christians...or Followers of Christ...the Only way and Truth and Light.......... and not be superficial or apart of that luke warm church described in Revelations.

But, nonetheless, I am a good Christian woman looking for an amazing man of God .. who knows how to love and care for a good woman. I believe in purity and waiting until marriage.
I believe that the man under Christ shall be the head, provider, and leader of a home, as the bible dictates. A wife should love the husband. And that the husband is commanded to and should love the wife as Christ loves the church. Christ died for the church, sacrifice himself, served and loved the church. The husband should do the same.

I am looking for a lover and a best friend... Some one who can make me laugh, add to my happiness and not subtract from it. Also, some one who is kind, patient, considerate, loving, thoughtful, faithful, etc. ( i feel all the great qualities should come from children of God who are truly following Christ... so I wont list the mannnnyyy great quailities lol)
I want a man who is after the heart of Christ and who wants to please Him, obey Him and Love him daily; because I am that kind of woman who will be doing the same to Christ.
I admire people who can hold a good conversation, especially about God and the Bible.. who can go deep into scripture and biblical history and even theology.. and who doesnt want to just stay a superficial christian.... but who wants to grow in knowledge and faith daily.

Im usually always up for discussions about what the Bible .... what Gods word actually says. And if one doesn't know some things or forgot, we can always learn or re learn biblical truth together. Both women and men can encourage, edify, teach, motivate and uplift each other as children of God. That being said too, I also believe women should not preach IN CHURCH ( the building) though. However, any male or female, child even, can tell you about Christ (and the Good News/Gospel ) and you should take heed. God can use anyone ( babies, men ,children and women). We have prophets and prophetess. However, elders, deacons and apostles were just listed as men in the Bible. There are many women who worked and served God also though, but outside of preaching in a church/temple.
So..... we all can be used by Christ. But as Bible says .. it is not proper for women to speak in a church. That is the word of God... if we agree or not.. we have to listen to it!

I believe The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one God as the bible depicts. I wouldn't say it is a trinity Gospel (because many forget about Melchezidek too...........remember he had no mother or father...etc) .
So, collectively... they are one God... if you can understand that. :-)
I view it as just different natures/parts of the one true living God.
The father sent the Son but the Son and the Father are one, while being different, and the same..!
But feel free to have a discussion with me. I believe Jesus is God in the flesh ( while on earth), the Son of God and the image of God. Jesus created everything! And God.. in his flesh... died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected. So He is Risen and Lives!

It is written that Jesus created all things, He was with God and was God.. and came to earth in the flesh and dwelt among us.
I do try to evangelize to people, if they want to hear the truth of the Gospel.. and I encourage those who believe and follow Christ .. to do so as well. Just make sure you are spreading the right message of our savior which is in the bible because there are many distorted, false doctrines out there. And woe is to those ... who lead His sheep astray.

I am also looking for friendships in Christ too. If we chat and are not is okay we can be Christian friends.
I love to have discussions about the Bible, as we all can learn more and improve daily.
I believe we can both edify each other as servants of God and as brothers and sisters in Christ... as we will both be growing in our walk, talk, actions, behavior, thoughts, and relationships with God daily.

So feel free to say Hi.. Dont be intimidated or shy. I am a great person to chat to. Thank you reading about me a bit.
First Date
Some Where ..Where We Can Know Each Other Better And Talk ....
but also some where entertaining so we dont be bored although our conversation should be entertaining enough... if we have good chemistry
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