Waiting for the One God has in store for me, though I think he may be lost.... 🤣

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Baking/Decorating Cakes, Cooking, Helping others, Singing, Tanning, Writing Poetry (when inspired), Going to church, Reading Christian books, MUSIC, Christian concerts and last but definitely NOT least spending time with my 13 year old twins! :)
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First and foremost, I am a Christian woman. God is my center, he completes me, and I have learned to really lean on and trust in him over the past several months, even moreso than ever. I am a very caring, selfless, generous person. I LOVE helping others in any way I can and being there for those who dont have anyone or who may be in need of friends. I have a huge passion for the poor and needy. I have been a mommy for 13 years now to the sweetest, more precious boy/girl twins in the world. What my heart desires is to be united with the one that God has for me. I want a good Christian man, someone who is on fire for the Lord and living his life for him. I want someone who will be there to keep me on the right track just as I would him. I need someone who would also be able to accept my children as his own. God and my children are my life, I would love so very much to meet the one Im meant to be with and begin the next chapter of our lives :)

The most important thing I have learned is to be patient and wait for the one God has set aside for you, when you rush and are so antsy to get into a relationship and you dont let God take ahold of the reins it, usually doesnt turn out well. God knows what he is doing, something I recently was made aware of by a book I had been reading "Lady in Waiting" is that you dont have to worry about making sure youre involved in all the single events, and being sure to work in a place where you will run into a lot of people youre age etc in hopes of finding someone. God knows exactly WHERE you are, and WHEN you will be there and whenever the time is right he will make your paths cross, no matter how impossible it may seem and feel sometimes. Just giving it to God and trusting him, not worrying and just BELIEVING that when youre suppost to meet the one you will marry, God will make it happen. :) I have also learned ALOT as far as what I want and dont want, and what I need in a relationship. I am thankful for that.

As far as what being a Christian means to me, First it is recognizing that you'are a sinner, then asking Jesus to come into your life and dwell within you, asking for forgiveness for yours sins and for strength to do your best and not keep intentionally sinning. Although, because we ARE all humans and sinners by nature, we will mess up and fall, But God is right there to pick us and has already forgiven us for our mistakes. Being a Christian is living and devoting your life to Christ, wanting God to use you for his Glory and doing all you can to please him on a daily basis and bring others to him. We as Christians need to be fishers of men, and draw in people who are not saved just by them seeing the way we live and how there is something different about people when they have God in their hearts and lives.

As a 33 year old single CHRISTIAN mom, it's very hard to meet people, aka a potential partner. My church is WONDERFUL but as far as my age group goes, I'm pretty much it. So I thought I would try this online deal and see if this is where God may work to bring the one He has for me and I together. I do get worried, the older I get, that maybe I will never get married. I'm in the process of trying to be PATIENT, and WAIT for God to work. Because even through my worries and doubts, I know that His timing is perfect. :)
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