No 1 got me 'coz no 1 gets me yet. Sapiosexual. Demisexual. I want to have my own child/ren. ^_~

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INFJ-HSP, Empath, books, singing-Smule, travel, nature, running-marathon, architecture, IQ-EQ-MBTI quizzes, sports car, robots, counseling, math, people-watching, forums, deep talks, friendship, photography, languages, fashion design, movies, dance.
About Me
*** Summary: 💚No 1 got me 'coz no 1 gets me yet. Christian. Hopeful Romantic. Sapi💚sexual. INFJ HSP | Empath. Demisexual💚 I'm a quiet person, thinker, observant. I only began to talk when I feel comfortable & safe.

Smoker is a No No. I have allergic reaction to smoke, strong perfume.

Looking for a fellow faithful & honest Christian who loves to read & travel with a great sense of humor: kaladkaring guy sa travel/travel bud. Great cook. Best friend for Life. Intelligent & deep conversations. Travel & Nature fun adventures while serving the LORD. Things we can do together where we will grow closer & grow individually.

I love to travel at least once or twice in a month to appreciate GOD's beautiful creation. I have uploaded two recent pics from my travel in a beach & sunflower farm last Feb 19-20, 2022. Also, latest picz from a recent camping trip Mar 5-6, 2022. #March2022 ***

?? Did all the old messages expire? They are all gone. Sorry, been too busy outside CDFF, not able to check for a long time. ~Dec 2, 2021 Manila Time

****(^_^) Please take the time to read below from start to finish before sending me any message. I would assume you've read, reflect on it & understood everything including learning about introverts & INFJ-HSP-Empath. Thank you. ~ Maie [pronounced as MY] (^_^)****

*** I am still single for around 6 years now. I haven't found the one who can make me feel safe & secure to just be myself without judgment, one I can freely talk to about anything, who can make me feel comfortable and safe to talk, speak up. What attracts me the most is a Christian man living his faith, wisdomful conversation, wit, an empath, & physically, his smile. Once I am in love, I find the man the handsomest & best of them all. Warning tho, it is hard to make my heart feel love, be in love with a man which is why I am still unmarried up to now. I don't know what will make my heart beat again. Let us find out. Salamat. Ingat. Pagpalain kayo ng Diyos. #June92021PhilippinesTime6:33AM***

**** I am adding this to be super clear, I don't initiate winks, but do appreciate winks given (will send message appreciation as soon as I can). I am thankful for the job I have & work 14 hours (10pm-12pm) a day, being in a country where we are in a lock down still, so many have lost their jobs. Please be mindful of our time differences & please we can only move forward if you have read my profile, & also understands it. Salamat muli. ****

The secret of what keeps me going is the guidance & love of my personal LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST."

"For us to be truly happy, we need to be ourselves. We don't have to fit to someone else's box."
~ James Deakin

About Me:
Maie Heart:
...My source of love is GOD. That's why when I love, I give my all and my best. I don't hold anything back... my heart is all yours for the taking. My heart is seeking my querencia: who will understand and provide my needs as a woman in a relationship and marriage. I can completely believe, have faith, fully trust that when I place my heart in his hands, it will be treated like his own heart, safe and secure. (^_~)

Maie Mind:
...I wish there can be a gadget created that whatever comes into your mind, it will be written down for your records... you might get a unique idea from your thoughts every now and then. I love to think. First, my 30+ years old Tagalog Bible, books, robots, sci-fi, astrophotography, people, wisdomful talks, travel & experiences in life enrich my mind. (^_^)

Maie Body:
...I am not small, you are just tall. (^_~) I believe sexiness is more than what your body shows... sexiness is also more seen in your heart, mind & soul.(^_~) I have allergic reaction to smoke (that's why a smoker is a No-No), dust, strong perfume that makes me sneeze and at times hard for me to breathe. To set your expectations, I wear eyeglasses and dentures, if it matters to you, I respect that & you can pass me by. (~_^)

Maie Soul:
...Before I rest the night away, I always entrust my soul to GOD because it belongs to HIM. GOD's love powers my soul. I have been a Christian since I was 9 years old through a Sunday School in a Methodist Church. When I was younger, I served in the choir. Since it is still ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) where I am, I’d been watching online services in any of these non-denominational churches: Christ Commission Fellowship, Day by Day Ministries, Word International Ministries & Victory Christian Fellowship. (^_^)

If you would like to watch an online service, visit this: https://www.youtube.com/user/CCFmainTV & https://www.youtube.com/user/sabinikuyaed

Here are the other important things:

1. I have been a member on this site since June 14, 2011 (Tue). I have found my last relationship outside of this site. I have not dated for 6 years now. As times go by, I am in a way thinking maybe I am not meant to be in a relationship/marriage. I admit, I fear getting hurt again, but I have kept my profile here since I still have hope, maybe one day GOD will lead me to the man HE knows will be best for me. (~_^)

2. I just long & pray for a man who is led by God, lives with a personal close relationship with Jesus Christ: admittedly a sinner like me yet humbly saved by Christ, a man after God's own heart. A confident, yet emphatic leader with a wisdomful mind and oozinglysweet romantic heart & soul that emanates... mindful of the power of his words; thus, will use it to build up people with utter loving kindness.

A man I can truly feel, I am safe, secure, will be protected, will be respected and treated right as God commands. A bestfriend, one with whom I don’t have to filter what is in my heart & mind, I can discuss with about anything. A man who can know, understand & see not only my heart, but also my mind. The freedom to be Maie.

A man who I can completely trust with my all, who will love, accept, and support me for all that I am (my introverted complex mind, my crazy conscientious heart, my messed up spirited soul) & who GOD created me to be, not what he wishes me to be. A man who will be proud to have me in his life and he will not only say it, but show it each day, in every way and anywhere... be it in the online/offline world.

An adventurous man who loves nature and loves to travel, with a sense of humour where we can still smile, laugh and have fun even during the hard times of our lives.

A man whose heart to help and give (even in small ways) is overflowing that together we lovingly share this to the world without expecting anything back.

A man mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially ready to settle down (marriage when it comes down to it) and willingly love, desire to have our own baby out of our passionate love for one another within marriage. (^_^)

3. These keywords:
Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
I am saying this because if you are interested in me, please read & learn about MBTI (https://bit.ly/2TnpzyK | https://bit.ly/2n2jxld), INFJ (https://bit.ly/2Udwqb6 | https://bit.ly/2H72VUQ | https://bit.ly/2Tqt7jC | https://bit.ly/2tIJZnu | https://bit.ly/2ORMwVJ | https://bit.ly/2Ny9fG2 | ) or you can take a free test (https://bit.ly/1PLCvly) since it will matter in how I view & look at things, how I communicate with you moving forward. (^_~)

4. I have no kids (however, I am a doting aunt to 4 nieces & 3 nephews I love much), never been married that's why I desire and pray that my first marriage is my last & only marriage. Divorce is never an option. So, you have to be very sure before you thread the path towards me, hehehe Seriously, because I am serious about a lifetime marriage, I am not in a rush... I would rather we take time to fully know each other and while doing that... fully entrusting our hearts and our lovelife to GOD through prayers.

I just don't want to give false hopes to anyone. I am here wanting & desiring a one-time long-term and lifetime marriage. Let us be mindful of both our time especially for those with "Does Not Want Children or Undecided/Open." Before you reach out to me, please ask yourself honestly:
~ Do you see yourself having a new baby (our own) out of marriage in the future and will have the same unchanging "I gladly welcome a baby" stand even if days, weeks, months and years passed by?
~ From the innermost of your heart and soul, would you find joy in it and will see it as a blessing from GOD?

I know at my age now, I cannot guarantee anything, only GOD can. I hope you would understand where I am coming from. Thank you. (^_^)

I do respect preferences, but I might view a profile multiple times not remembering I have viewed it already since I am not always here. We could look at it as we need to pass by a profile multiple times before we get hit in the heart, open our eyes and soul that the person is the one GOD wants us to meet and let GOD leads you both, bind you both in REAL FRIENDSHIP & TRUE LOVE. At best, if the person you meet is not the SPECIAL ONE yet, you found in that person a REAL FRIEND FOR LIFE.

GOD bless to us all in our search of a match made in heaven. This I pray, in JESUS Most Powerful Name. Amen. (^_^)
First Date
If I join you in a date... that means I am giving you my trust. (^_~) I hope we could enjoy each others company, comfortably talk about anything & savor the moment. (^_^)

I will pass this life just once... so I aim to live life to the fullest. I don't just intend to be someone's fulfillment to his standards nor expectations for I am created by GOD to be more than that. GOD created me to truly love that special someone HE will bring into my life. A LASTING RELATIONSHIP IS SYNONYMOUS TO BEING GOD-CENTERED

Sharing a Tagalog poem I wrote a long time ago translated in English...


I'm only human
But not to be enslaved by sin
I was purposely designed to know my roots
Therefore, pride has no place within.

I'm only human
But not to be a subject to anyone
Not to be treated as a robot, as a doll
For I have been endowed with a will beforehand.

I'm only human
But not to be an object of your own leisure
Not for your eye's indulgence and lustful pleasure
For in God's sight I'm a costly treasure.

I'm only human
God the Father, my life's Author is He
In this finite life He will judge you and me,
So all of me I offer Him now, and all that I will be.

Another poem I have written...

Thank you for your full faith and complete trust in my love for you.
Thank you for your complete faith and full trust in me as your girlfriend.
Thank you for knowing me all throughout,
my partner, my lover, bestfriend in life.
Thank you for understanding my feelings, my thoughts, knowing my heart.
Thank you for respecting my beliefs, my opinions, and seeing my view of things.
Thank you for caring, nurturing, valuing, and treasuring me.
Thank you for showing me everyday what love really means.

Thank you for taking the time to say hi just to say you miss me,
you think of me, you love me no matter how busy you are.
Thank you for loving to spend time with me with the best that you can,
each time that you can.
Thank you for making me a part of your life, and
sharing to me first: including me in things you do or plan to do,
your thoughts, your feelings.
Thank you for making me a priority after GOD and not just an option
or the last on your list.

Thank you for being proud to have me in your life.
Thank you for telling the world, our friends, our family...
Thank you for looking forward to make me your wife for life.
You make me one of the most blessed women to have a man like you loving me,
so I thank GOD for you and your faithful expressive love.
~uniquecrystalheart74 10/17/12 Wed 10:01AM

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