Southern Christian Cajun Gal (old fashioned) Super Boring lol

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Like Xena, I have many skills
Word of God, Biblical history, world powers/politics/economics, prophecy, prophetic dreams/visions, Christian music, old rust metal, 80s hair ballads, cooking african, indian, cajun international dishes, bbq, catfishing, hunting, camping, survival bushcra
About Me
Well, I DON'T drink, so....around here, I'm considered boring. I'm a Christian, so I don't do many things that are considered normal and my values are basically what anyone can find in the Bible. Simple Ugh....I'm a mother...Humnnn, I'm a prepper. Hum, let's's hard talking to myself here, pretending I have an audience, lol. Oh, I've been single for eh 7 years now. For the first time in my life, I've been single on purpose lol. It takes time to heal from the past and it takes time to get to really know your own self. 'Know Thyself'. I've been married most all my life and these last 6ish-7 years or so, I've been chillin' with 'me'. Now, I'm entertaining maybe that I might want to find a wonderful Christian/born again man, who loves the Lord more than anything, and who is mature and interested in finding the love of his life. That would be POW amazing!
More about me, me, meeeee: I'm from Louisiana, so lots of people joke about how we don't have all our teeth. I've got me teeth k, all of 'em. lol
No Criminal History, save a few speeding tickets when I was younger and my nick name was 'Nascar Momma'
I'm college educated for Nuthin'.
I have 3 amazing chicken butts!
Got saved in 2017! The Lord changed my whole life.
I used to be 'New Age'. That stuff will get you into HUGE trouble. Never again
I don't have a job. I homeschool my two youngest children, age 7 and age 8.
Last when I worked, I was a dispatcher for my local police station and I worked as general manager for a local store.
NEVER landed a job in my profession as a 'Stenographer/keeper of the Law - Court Reporter', the economy sux.
No drug history
Hum, let's see... I like to work out, I'm into health. But, I like good ol'e fashioned rice 'n gravy *meat*! Need meat. I'm not a vegan or breatharian. I used to smoke, so I have a pair of ashtrays for lungs. That's a joke! I hate cats, yet I have 4 of them. Goes to show how tolerable I am. I'm a dog person and own zero dogs. I once broke my arm while arm wrestling my sister's boyfriend, but I won!!! Ha That's the day I realized that boys are stronger than girls mostly, just by nature. Learned my lesson.
Other than that, if you can picture a realistic wife/mother type of woman. That's me. Not a super model. Not skinny. Not rich. Not a Jezebel. Just a flip-flops t-shirt in the garden, feeding the stray cats, pressure washing the house, cookin' supper Christian mother and woman. Keepin' my eye out for maybe a brother in Jesus Christ who is humble, strong and God fearing sweet. I would prefer a tall furry man, dark hair, jolly and Holy Spirit filled. I want my big bear.
First Date
First date, meet for a slushi, bowl of gumbo, I don't care.
Uhm,....take me fishing and I will know all I need to know about ya.
Need to replace shingles on your roof, I'm game.
Just the talk is what's important. Eye contact, and to see if you're not dangerous, ya know, psycho, lol
Pahahaha, I'm sorry, lol.
Maybe we can meet in a line for the vaccine. lol! NOT! Or pull up, set some lawn chairs and watch people get in line for them. Maybe try to talk some of them into their senses.
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