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My Interests are: Cooking, reading, writing, baking, home workouts, doing my own research about the intricacy of the Bible, simple gardening, jogging, swimming, playing board games, learning new arts and crafts, and travelling within the budget.
About Me
UPDATE: Still Taken :))

*** My other interest is taking extremely long naps during weekends.

**** TO THOSE WHO HAPPEN TO KNOW ME IN REAL LIFE, KUNWARI WALA KAYONG NAKITA Don't even dare discuss this to me personally The mere fact na hindi tagalog ang majority ng nakasaad, should already give you a hint ng kung anong tipo ang hinahanap ko walang basagan ng trip, kanya kanyang preference po yan.

Hi, I am a female human being from the most beautiful tropical islands in the world, that is the Philippines I love the LORD, then besides my family and friends, i am engrossed on the ff.:

-Informative and educational topics. I would be keen to discuss the end times, and will enjoy delving into the different versions of the Bible. I've been 'fangirling' on the Geneva Bible 1560 lately. My favorite topics for discussion(s) are:

-and science, for the heck of it :)

Socially, I am into the ff.:

-healthy eating and lifestyle (good hygiene is downright adorable)

-I have huge respect and appreciation for people who love JESUS, and are caring towards their families. I hold the same bias(es) for individuals who are educated, honest, objective, wise, disciplined, responsible, straightforward, goal oriented, productive, organized, practical, and well mannered. You could say these are the attributes i am looking for in a future spouse, if GOD will allow it.

- I Like dogs.

- MBTI Score: INTJ/P

-- "Brandon, you stay. Guys, let's go!"

I have a passion for learning, and think people should always strive for means to improve themselves, so i honestly reckon that criticisms (among others), both in their objective and subjective forms, must also be considered by people to hone themselves further. i personally welcome all forms of criticisms that are hurled against (yes, that word!) me, because i feel more challenged and compelled to be serious in my fair share on the "rat race", although i still balance things by having an optimistic and cheerful mindset.

Also, i come from a STRONG background of Christian and conservative Asian values and i don't see myself abandoning these foundations any time soon.

As to relationships with the opposite sex, i stand by the ff. verses from the bible :

--Song of Solomon 8:4; and,
-- Isaiah 60:22 - "When the time is right, I, the LORD, will make it happen."

To GOD be all the Glory and Honor :))
First Date
On a first date? Hmm, i'd rather spend it in my house where i can cook my signature dishes for him ;) i personally want my future dates to be more home-ish, or ones that will be done inside my or my date's house, so i can cook and improvise/be creative with the meals we will eat... i think that's more intimate, not too time consuming and is less expensive. Travel dates are fine as well on a 50/50 basis, but by no means necessary ;) I am more of an indoor person, so a good movie, brewed coffee, a hearty/causual chat about life and what not, and my homemade cakes/donuts/pizza will satisfy me FIVEever.
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