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ssid, I make alot more than you probably think
Getting closer to Jesus Christ, Christian Rock, Metal, Classical. Play Guitar, Christian Movies, Dining, Hiking, Golf, Tennis, Beach Camping with family during the camping holidays, trail riding which I havent done in a long while
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Hey There, my name is Jerry and your name is? if you dont respond with your first name I will not respond back to you. Please dont send me a superlike if you dont mean it and please be serious if you want to know get ta know me. I dont like liars and I can spot one a mile away. Thank you for your understanding. I live with my elderly parents, not by choice that are near 90 years old. I help them with chores around there property that use to be a small farm that they raised cattle for there own meat and they use to grow there own vegetables in a small garden. I'm a handyman and know how to fix alot of different things so I save them and my self alot of money. I play electric guitar and listen to christian rock/ metal music such as Stryper and other christian bands. My favorite Stryper songs to play are "To Hell With The Devil" to hell with the devil isnt what you think. please listen to the song first to know what its all about and I like "No More Hell To Pay," "Seventh Power-Heavy Laden" I play mainly rythm guitar, not much lead due to my fingers being to short. my down fall is I'm not really a singer, I have never played in a band. Jammed with a drummer that use to be my friend several years ago, because of my back problems and shyness I'm not interested in starting a christian rock band at this time, maybe in the near future when my parents arent with me and if thats Gods will for my life. I havent played my guitar since 2019 due to my parents needing more help around the house and other needs. I also listen to all styles of worship music to praise God in. such as old Hymns, Praise & Worship, The Global Prayer Room | 24/7 Live Stream youtube, REVERE - 24/7 Worship - Live Stream youtube etc. The music I praise Jesus my Lord & Savior with on my guitar is Stryper, Whitecross, Barrencross, Neoncross Deliverance and many others like them. I havent had a girlfriend in over 10 years and am now ready for a new start. I need someone that can encourage me and lift my spirit up since I dont have any true friends. The friends I use to have I had to ditch them because they were not true christians. I like most foods and restaurants, drink coffee accassionally and wine. I have low blood sugar so I try to eat healthy but do have other foods now and then that I shouldnt because I'm not perfect. I dont take insulin, I just take vitamins. I'm pretty health dispite how I take care of my self. I'm kind of shy at first and will open up more once I get to know you better and feel comfortable being around you. I would like to get out more often and do fun activities with you. I'm looking for someone I can get to know first as friends and then work into something more serious. You must love Jesus and put him first! I havent been in church since covid. I do my worship online thru youtube videos but am willing to worship in other ways as well such as going to a church building again. some videos I watch are TeamJesusPreachers, Kerrigan Skelly, GabeTheStreetPreacher, Pastor John Hagee, Joyce Myers, Evangelist Anita Martir Rivera, JeanChamblee, Trey McLaughlin "Just Want You" to name a few. I'm a Prodestant and believe everything in the Holy Bible and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord & Savior. I'm continuely growing in his word and hope my friend/soulmate will want to do the same. I'm on ssid due to back problems. I used to have social anxiety real bad. God has been helping me over the years over come it. still not quite where I want to be as far as feeling comfortable being around people. Thats where you come in so we can pray about it and deal with this problem together. Love conquers all things. if you know massage theropy that would be a plus. I deal with my back the best I can and I do get massage treatment and chiropractic adjustments every month which helps. I try not to let my parents work me to hard. I do get treatment every month but cant afford to get the treatment I really need due to having to many debts that I'm trying to pay back. you can probably guess what some of my debts are by my pictures. because of my debts I dont have money to help you move out here or me move to where you are at and cant as long my parents are still with me to take care of. Sorry I cant help with exspenses right now. I dont like being in debt and once I get out of dept I wont do it again. I'm a homebody most of the time but dont mind getting out now and then for church or to have fun. Your an honest, caring, faithful, loving, understanding kind of person thats helpful to one another and you love Jesus with all your heart, mind and soul! if you think we might have a connection and feel lead by God to send me a message, I will gladly get back to you. :-) I'm not in ministry even though I have a close relationship with Jesus Christ. and I'm not sure if God will call me into music ministry later in life. when my parents are both gone and are in heaven I'm not sure what my life will be like. God willing it will be alot better than it is now because I will have you. :-) Thanks for taking the time to read my long letter. Take Care & God Bless You!
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