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not saying yet um hm
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heavy metal/screamo music working out video games relaxing sometimes going for long walks and and movies lol and certain other things that I can not say not yet........
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I hate politics. and dating UNDERSTANDING is a most & I love heavy metal music & few rap not much & I'm COMPLETELY anti social I LOVE WORKING OUT & I play video games 24.7 too & religion hmm need time dont wanna say but im not Christian or Muslim making that known.... that's ughhh secretive for now yea. & i am DEFINITELY DEFINITELY the BIGGEST NORCACIST EVER um and I am negative like I am personality wise It is hard for me tbh been tho ALOT in life really like......EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREME dark like dark dark bad past yea no not good vary sensitive tbh fr on ugh yea everything so being honest alot of 😬hm😐 abuse so please be understanding because I do struggle & I will be honest fr cause some people do struggle with stuff like that so please be understanding. 🙏🥺 & im vary needy & clingy always wanna be together I'm not perfect and I do take pride in who I am & I am a kind person and care about EVERYTHING I am actually considerate i never say Idc EVER I have a heart I am honest and loyal both life and death and & staying true to who I am and yes I have hatred but I don't seek forgiveness my sins r my own. and I don't want sex or to first kiss till marriage I want to treat my partner with respect and make memories something truly to remember in life to be proud of I'm looking for true love and something real. I am anti social COMPLETELY I don't believe in friendships at all. um and I hate sports um & I like long long walks always and I talk alot sometimes. OH I am minded and I hate straight forward people hate just hate same with controlling type people I hate so no to those types of people yea lol don't message me. um but yea I mean that's pretty much me u know? just looking for love.
First Date
UNDERSTANDING. & loyalty & love heavy metal music and big romantic & be attractive maybe a little u know? try and idk maybe look nice yea.🤔and if u r not a virgin or have had true loves first kiss already then do NOT message me. i treat someone like a person not an object please understand🙏TRUE LOVE and I don't want sicknesses or disses or illnesses from past endless different people. and I do want a 3 way marriage and yes understanding and NO! not cheating. 2 women and just myself that's it I'm just looking for someone who's understanding and different truly different.🙏
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