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A Long Term Relationship
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Calvary Chapel
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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4 Yr College Degree
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retired railroad
Hiking, hard work, concerts, hot tubbing, fairs, food, Bible studies, volunteering
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I'm looking for a Long Term Relationship with one that has the capacity and personal adequacy to reflect back to me what ever I first have to offer them. That they have a like-mindedness with me in believing that our relationships, be they romantic, family or otherwise are supposed to be to the glory of God. And that when two Believers come together, they can stand as a lighthouse to a lost world. And be part of the "three-braided cord". So I would ask that time be committed every day to joint prayer and Bible reading, letting nothing get in the way of it. A solid foundation is built on the rock of Jesus, without Him, our romance will never be what He wants it to be.

Beyond that, a partner who will work with me to get the job done. Someone who would enjoy hiking with me, helping to maintain the property, travelling, seeing the great areas of the West either on foot or horseback, trying out some of my other interests. A woman with energy, a self-starter, both independent yet dependent.

To be my confidant, cheerleader, best friend, sounding board, playmate and soul mate. I will strive to be that for her. Last, by the strength of God, that I be able to love her the way He would have me do.

I enjoy trying out new places to eat, exploring areas I've never visited before, going to museums, and such. I have a love for estate auctions and flea markets- seeking bargains. I'm good at working with my hands, enjoy restoring old things, and installations and have been blessed with tools and talents to get the job done.

I enjoy gaining new knowledge- Biblical or practical. Thus I tend to do a lot of reading and hardly at all watch TV. I also like a sense of accomplishment, from larger projects I have never tackled before to something as simple as mowing the lawn. I like to work hard, then relax well and sometimes find that my work is a form of relaxation. It's important to make every day count-a bad day is one in which I haven't learned anything new.

Last, I am hard working, intelligent, funny and genuine. I enjoy finding and taking on challenging activities, finding creative solutions to everyday problems, and achieving personal goals.
First Date
Meet in a public place for a meal or coffee, preferable outdoors. Discuss our interests, hopes, goals, successes, and our individual relationships with Jesus.
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