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Travelling, reading, sailing, camping, theatre, movies, volunteering, cooking, natural health and well-being, psychology, neuroscience, art galleries and art, crafts, swimming, boating.
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I am genuinely looking for someone to share life with, not walk behind or in front of, but beside, a partner to respect and be respected by, who isnt looking to be rescued, as I am not. Friends often say that my life reads like a good novel from growing up around the world, sailing yachts, being arrested internationally twice, helping run an orphanage in Asia, having a heroic disabled sibling, treking in jungles with mud up to my armpits and attending events with prime ministers. I dont really do normal, and cant say I really have any desire to do normal. If you live elsewhere then we can spend time in both places however I have to be upfront and say that for family commitment reasons I am unable to relocate. I hope to find someone else that walks to the beat of their own drum and believes that life is what you make it. You get back what you put in! . I love exploring new places, cultures & it is way more enjoyable sharing that with someone. I am so fortunate to have visited 39 countries to date and still have places I cant wait to see., lived in 5, and worked in 17. I'm intellectually passionate by nature, can't live without having my brain stimulated, I enjoy someone who is happy to discuss quantum physics and medical research with me over coffee and then talk absolute ridiculous nonsensical nothingness that makes us both laugh wondering why we are and at what in particular. Falling in love with your brain is just as important as falling in love with your heart and body. In case you were wondering falling in love with your heart comes first. I'm very intuitive, compassionate towards other’s needs, very affectionate, a woman of integrity, and driven by making a difference in the world. I have my wonderful 30 year old nephew (we lost my sister 3 years ago) currently living with me who I consider my son. I am a Christian and my faith is the central foundation to my life. Having shared that I am no square peg who doesn't know how to have fun and live a little on the edge at times!!! I may just surprise you with some of my experiences in life! I am not fixated on attending church weekly to maintain my relationship with God, That is my responsibility. My faith is a daily practical application of choices I make each day based on love, faith and hope as we are called to be Jesus’s hands and feet in the community. I may be inclined to outrageous no shame spared moments where you are not sure whether to just join me, capture the moment on film or deny knowing me! I can laugh at myself and happy just as much if you happen to be at me as well as with me. I believe that we have a choice to choose joy each day inspite of the circumstances we may be facing. And I am not talking about denial and an ostrich mentality! I believe in the healing power of not only God's love but of our ability to love and love with every bit ourselves another human being regardless of what our lives may have dealt us along the way. I have a keen interest in psychology, neuroscience, natural health and wellbeing and try to live a healthy life. I respect that we have one life and one body and we are responsible for taking care of that gift. I personally choose not to be in a relationship with someone who uses recreational drugs and daily alcohol to self medicate or 'chill out' every day. I drink on occassions but not weekly or even sometimes monthly and usually for a special celebration or a meal out or on holiday. I dont mind a partner that has a drink with a meal out or goes out for a few beers with his mates or brings a bottle of something great home to celebrate or to go with a beautiful meal at home. It isnt about not enjoying a trip to a vinyard on a weekend and I thoroughly enjoy it. It is about conscious healthy choices and balance. I am looking for someone who knows what it is to be present and wants to be present with me. Fyi I am suportive of research and use of medical green stuff when there isnt anything else. There is no judgement in your personal choices. I am clear on my personal choices and being honest in sharing them here to save wasting both of our tIme. P.s. I support and believe in Covid vaccination and don’t by in to the conspiracy the theories circulating amongst Christian circles.
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A date can be anywhere… is the company that matters
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I'm hoping to meet a christian man who is also open minded enough to understand that we dont necessarily have to be on the exact same page with spiritual concepts but at least being in the same book is a start. I would love someone who when I randomly say let's hit the car or airport with a half hour notice, says 'You are on. Give me 20 mins and we are out of here'. If you are LGBTQ phobic and/or believe it is a sin , then we are probably not a great match as I have family members who belong to this tribe and I am fully supportive of them. It really would be amazing to share life with someone who is motivated by making a real difference in the world, someone who is mentally, emotionally and physically open and available. Someone who thinks nothing of walking in the rain, eating icecream with two spoons from the container at 2am when we are still awake from sharing all of ourselves with each other because once was not enough, talking and , someone who can laugh at themselves and me, who phones for no reason at all other than to say hello and hear your voice, someone who can accept love, kindness, generosity of spirit, can both give and take a compliment, who understands their own love language and their partners, who values verbalising the words 'i love you' daily to each other, who is not afraid of tough issues or tough times and has an unwavering commitment to the relationship, because I will. Someone who is passionate about life, the bigger picture/God, people, ideas, business, adventure, being the best person they can be and encouraging me to be the best version of myself. Life is short....someone who holds nothing back and is all in....because I will be all in.
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