What can I say, what can I do, but offer my heart oh Lord

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Outdoor adventures, staying active, reading, Bible studies, family, friends, travel, exercise, hunting, riding bikes, hiking, backpacking, and much more.
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To all of you wonderful women who are searching for the longings of your heart, love, encouragement, friendship, and one day marriage, take courage and hope, trusting the Lord in his timing and will. Lift your voice to the maker of our souls, knowing that He who made you knows you and knows what's best for you, especially in a husband. Go to God in prayer and let your heart be known, waiting patiently for him to reveal his will for your life. Give thanks in all things, and rejoice in the presence of the Lord, maker of heaven and Earth. Glorify and exult the Lord in all that you do.

I'm new to this sort of thing. Don't like it much. Can't reply to every wink or message or favorite. I'm looking to build a marriage relationship which must start from a friendship. I'm going to only respond to those I believe are of the same heart and mind and who are looking for the same.

That said, I hope all those who do wink, message, or favorite me the very best and I do hope the Lord shows you kindness and that you discover a love that never fades. Abide in the love of the Lord forever.

About Me:

I like being active and enjoy the quiet places outside in the forest, mountains, and desert. I'm looking to grow in Christian maturity, especially within the church body. Looking to meet someone of the same heart and mind, who desires spiritual growth and values and is humbly thankful for what God has given us in this life.

My theology most closely parallels reformed thinking and understanding found in the orthodox presbyterian church or what you might would expect to read from the writings of John Calvin, the Puritans, John Bunyan, etc. I'm an engineer by trade and education.

I think it important to stay fit through activities and exercise to remain physical strong and able to enjoy life and be a help to others.

More to come.
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A joyful mess
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