Christian straight man single singer a bit weird smart etcA

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United States
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A Few Extra Pounds
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A Marriage Partner
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more often churches like vineyard Christmas fellowship since the 90s occasionally still Catholic as well
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On special occasion
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Willing to relocate?
Possibly, who knows
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Some College
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Disability Nearsighted I See Clearly Up close
something of much
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no sex life at all usually offended any bring me up and didn't put me first only strictly in this right away so stayed just single normal teens up two states as insulting rude offensive as ti bring up one man as I doing nothing and sleep with anyone else date anyone else but himself it's hard enough to find any dates for stimtictky just myself alone going steady closed. relationships one woman one guy or nothing if not myself right away mainly a straight Christian once Catholic man totally unattached no laws broken no drugs etc frankly annoying as heck never once married not one child legal blindness do what eho cares better man etc then many on disability but great cersitakr voice a pianist and trained in musicd heavy private public through schooling kind of professional no partier etc no sexual diseases like others instead forty eight years old Lott to zero love life lovers etc guess if had interest straight stolen from Mr and I'm not second best to anyone if actually interested in Mr I am first right around it get lost thanks adult type of humor not slsp stick bookworm etc bright intelligence love books etc never gay never homosexual more a bit bisexual but heavy to straight strictly do airheads go figure might as well be er speak early on a guy they have another in mind instead of myself first right then and oh yah I dress female dress in drag crossdresser big ehoopcan pass a little with work attached only into strictly females have said this one million times in fact nicknamed Marty hello living shortly in idyllwild California a third time around no reason famy ties is all though the states getting Mr berri gs to find a rental etc again herecould r been signed a few times but dong and dinging my fun and entertainer t as well from early teens up held regular work for manual labor to computer tech and placed in done management situation quickly in done work environment a nice to meet yourselves maybe again this is nein short form thanks God bless you evening days nights etc thanks for pursuing my profile Martin caron
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Restraints Two Coffee Shops This Street A Sub Shop Soon Jersey Mike's
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