please wink if you can make falafel

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I'm a dreamer.**

Seeking: female, Christian, vegan
(+If you can make falafel I'm already half interested.)

(Please feel free to wink/message me, if you're interested after reading my long profile below. I'm not really an initiator so I rarely take the first step with women. Remember: God brought Eve to Adam; so if you approach me, that's like God bringing you to me.)

Update: I recently sold my house in the US, and just now waiting for the virus to be over. At that point I expect to move permanently to another nation... maybe Philippines, maybe somewhere else... or maybe to where you live...

I don't care about age or about looks, as long as we have a compatible personality, and ideally the gal is a virgin (like me). (If you're in your 20's please don't think I'm stalking you if I click on your profile... I'm just afraid I'm may have to marry someone pretty young in order to find a virgin.)

I do well with a librarian-type personality: Bookish, quirky, lanky, etc., and linguists too.

(Some people don't like my long profile, but see, I'm looking for a gal who loves to read. And if she also likes my words, maybe she can help to edit my books.)


Sensitive male.
Likes long conversations.
Does not like TV. (never owned one)
Does not like Facebook. (never used it)
I love beauty.

I'm an emotional person. But when it comes to faith I tend to be thinking and theological...and I use that term as Ptolemy did: "Theology: The science of seeking God." I tend to take an analytical and scientific approach to seeking God.

I strongly dislike: TV, tattoos, when people don’t keep their word, superstition, sarcasm, when people don't say sorry, the smell of coffee.

Not a fan of Christian humanism nor liberal Christianity. I AM a fan of the Love and Respect ministry (Emerson), which means I respectfully reject secular feminism. I'm also a complimentarian, and not an egalitarian. (Ok, so hopefully that covers a few of the divisions and disagreements among people who claim to be in the Kingdom. Hehe.)

I make decisions slowly. I analyze everything. I am a verbal processor.

I am turned off by directness in speech. I prefer tact and elegant diplomacy.

I like to discuss personality types, theology, relationships, culture, books, travel, food.

Only two and a half things motivate me: (1) food, (2) romance and (2.5) sometimes God. (I wish the latter were more, but I'm just trying to be brutally honest.)

Eating plant-based for health (vegan) since 1998. (not into animal rights, but I do love animals and I won't kill even a fly) https://www.myhdiet.com. I am not A vegan, but I do eat like one.

I love: oregano, almonds, olive oil, sandalwood, scented candles, growing garlic, gardenia, women who pull their hair back, long skirts, Jane Austen, romance, the colors brown and earthy red (for clothing)---forest green, burgundy and navy blue (for interior decorating), making my own toothpaste, candle light dinners, small white fluffy dogs, strong stallions, middle Eastern food, beans and corn, pasta, poetry, historical fiction, creativity, giving, education, dark hair, dark skin, art, museums, travel, conflict resolution, Steven Lawhead, beauty, never being cold (any day less than 22C is too cool for my skin), walking daily near a large body of water, inventing new words, writing, using plants as medicine, happy marriages and painting glow stars on the ceiling.

Due to my age and financial limitations, I am highly uncertain about having any children of my own. However, it could maybe be possible if I were a stay-at-home dad.

I am not clock-bound so I aspire to live outside of time. (Meaning, I am usually late, and I like it that way; and not something I'd really want to change.) (IXXX, INFP, INTP*)

I am the only Christian in my family and I have almost no family connections... so if you're hoping to marry into a large Christian family I'm not your man.

I'm oldest child so I like to be in charge, but I'm a very laid back leader. But I do like to make plans sometimes. And I do like to critically analyze.

I generally don't like music. Except to occasionally visit the opera. I also listen to Rich Mullins sometimes for the lyrics. I do not find dancing to be enjoyable. (I love the arrangement of Mozart's Serenade in B Flat as shown in the film "Bright Star"...a movie about the life of poet John Keats. If that acapella performance makes you melt...well, then, let's melt together.)

много лет тому назад я чуть-чуть по-русски поговорил.


I love girls who cry a lot. I myself cry a fair bit.
I love girls who are quick to apologize.
I love girls who keep their promises.
Seeking Thalassophile

I once dated a pastora and then a ministry leader and my personality doesn't seem to fit so well with those strong, take-charge types.

I'd like a girl who's willing to go live in a cabin on the side of a mountain, or near the beach for the next 20 years. Meaning I'd like an introvert who loves nature.

If you really like alcohol, please skip my profile... I've already got too many relatives in AA and I don't want to also wind up there myself.

Honesty is penultimate for me. So for example, if you were ever to knowingly and openly lie to me, I would basically consider the relationship to be as good as over.

I am a natural type, so ideally, I don't like makeup and high heels... at least not all the time. I don't like medicine unless it's naturopathic.

If I were to categorize women into the "banquet" or the "barbecue," I want a woman who can do both. Someone who loves dresses and the beauty of femininity... but who can also be with me at times when doing guy things.

If you already know how to cook Middle Eastern food and Indian food, I'm already half interested.

Where is my Katharina von Bora?
Where is my Maria Augusta Kutschera?

U and I could be more than just vowels.

CS Lewis said something like: Never hide your true self, for you never know who will love who you are.

Do you love the semi-colon? (like a sloppy, passionate, co-dependent kind of love?) Me too. Let's love it together.

If reading my profile makes you ache inside (in a good way) that might be because you feel yourself being pulled back to that place of a rib removed.

*If interested please visit the site: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

**I had a dream the other night. I was sitting/floating in a hot tub holding close my Filipina wife (which has to be future since I've never been married). Her back was to my chest and we were cheek to cheek staring off into the distance. We must have been at a hotel, at an outdoor hot tub and it felt like we were looking at the mountains and it was fall weather. On inspiration I swiveled my head to give her a kiss on the temple. Just as my lips touched her face I noticed that she had blonde hair. My eyes got wide and even in the dream I was shocked. My mind flashed this thought: Who was this sitting next to me? (no it wasn't like she had colored her hair.)

I wonder what the dream can mean.
First Date
Maybe meet for dinner and then a walk on the beach.
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