Former monk seeks former nun, for wife.

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I am a sensitive male. I love to converse and I am revulsed by TV. If you are willing to work outside the home, I could be a stay-at-home husband, and spend hours talking with you each night.

Due to my personality, I don't initiate with or pursue women. So if you like my profile, please reach out.

Ideally, if I could find an ex-nun, that would be perfect. I have basically lived like a monk for most of my life having taken a vow of celibacy at a young age. But I also left the Catholic Church in a very definitive and dramatic way. So I'm kind of an ex-monk.

I strongly dislike: TV, tattoos, when people don’t keep their word, superstition, when people don't say sorry, the smell of coffee.

I love girls who cry a lot. I myself cry a fair bit.
I love girls who are quick to apologize.
I love girls who keep their promises.

Not a fan of Christian humanism nor liberal Christianity.

I make decisions slowly. I analyze everything. I am a verbal processor.

I am turned off by directness in speech. I prefer tact and elegant diplomacy.

I like to discuss personality types, theology, relationships, culture, books, travel, food.

Only two and a half things motivate me: (1) food, (2) romance and (2.5) sometimes God.

I love dogs and all animals, but sadly allergic to most cats. I have no pets.

Eating vegan for health.

I love: oregano, almonds, olive oil, sandalwood, scented candles, growing garlic, gardenia, women who pull their hair back, long skirts, Jane Austen, romance, the colors brown and earthy red (for clothing)---forest green, burgundy and navy blue (for interior decorating), making my own toothpaste, small white fluffy dogs, strong stallions, middle Eastern food, beans and corn, pasta, poetry, historical fiction, creativity, giving, education, dark hair, dark skin, art, museums, travel, conflict resolution, Steven Lawhead, beauty, never being cold (any day less than 22C is too cool for my skin), walking daily near a large body of water, inventing new words, writing, using plants as medicine, happy marriages and painting stars on the ceiling.

Seeking a woman ideally with no kids, never married and (hopefully) limited prior relationships. I offer the same. Also, I am a virgin... and I want to be up front about that because I know that for some women, that's a deal breaker.

I once dated a pastora and then a ministry leader and my personality doesn't fit well with those strong types.

Will consider any age from 25-55.

Due to my age and financial limitations, I am highly uncertain about having any children of my own. However, it could maybe be possible if I were a stay-at-home dad.

I am not clock-bound so I aspire to live outside of time. (Meaning, I am always late.) INFP

Hoping to move to a tropical climate.

I am the only Christian in my family and I have almost no family connections.

One dream of mine: open a private park on a small organic farm, where people can pay $0.50 to come stroll and take photos.

CS Lewis said something like: Never hide your true self, for you never know who will love who you are.

Where is my Katharina von Bora?
Where is my Maria Augusta Kutschera?

PS. If bored during virus, here are some funny movie suggestions... 1. Laughter in Paradise (1951). 2. Love & Friendship (2016). 3. Moliere (2007). 4. Romantics Anonymous (2010). 5. The Englishman who Went up a Hill but Came down a Mountain (1995). If possible I suggest using subtitles for all of them. I think they're funny. If you can't find them online you can try searching at Yandex.com, by typing "watch {film name} online". God bless.

PPS. If you like alcohol, please skip my profile... I've already got too many relatives in AA and I don't want to also wind up there myself.

Who said these?:

1. Lord, if this is the way you treat your friends, it is no wonder you have so few.

2. If she we're going to be jealous she should not have married such a charming man. (!)

3. ...we mortals in general are very much like tortoises: we are esteemed and classified according to our shells...

4. The chief aim off all investigations of the eternal world should be to discover the rational order and harmony imposed on it by God and which he revealed to us in the language of mathematics.

5. {She} could do no more; but her heart prophesied some mischance, to damp the perfection of her felicity.

6. Idealism can be talked, and even felt; it cannot be lived.

7. The open door beckons; the closed door challenges him who has a right to enter.


*** God really had meant for the Irish to be His chosen people, but Abraham tricked Him out of it.
First Date
Maybe meet for dinner and then a walk on the beach.
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