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I am looking for a Godly man that enjoys life and creation. I love outdoor adventure. I also love relaxing on the couch and being cozy and quiet. I like to be alone but I would like somebody to be alone together with.

I enjoy children. As a kid I helped care for my 6 younger sisters, and now have lots of nieces and nephews I get to spend time with, as well as volunteering in the nursery at church.

Family is very important to me. I spent most of my life in a very small church, where my dad was the pastor and my 10 siblings were also my best friends. We went on family camping trips most summers, something I miss now that most are starting their own families. As I got older I enjoyed taking part in planning and navigating as well as hiking the ruggedest trails available (up rocky creek beds are some of my favorite), climbing on fallen logs, or spending a few hours kayaking down a small rocky river with a nice swift current. I do not particularly enjoy exercise just for the sake of exercise, but I like to do fun or useful physical activity with other people. In addition to outdoor fun, I also enjoy playing volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, and bowling.

Perhaps as a side effect of growing up in a large family, I am definitely not a clean freak, but I'm not living in a hoarders nest either. I don't let a messy house stop me from hosting a family-friendly gathering where I cook for everybody and we play group games, play music, or just hang around talking.

Speaking of food, I like to cook and eat food that is tasty; I'm not really into following fad diet restrictions, nor really exotic stuff. I may go a bit too far with 'take no thought for what you eat or drink'.

I can enjoy talking about politics, science, religion, etc. as long as nobody is trying to spread doom and gloom, or insist that their opinion is the only right way to see things, or that they have some secret knowledge that 'the media' is hiding from everybody else. I refuse to either fear or idolize politicians or government. I believe God is in control and to me, this means I don't need to worry about the future. Not that I never plan ahead, but I do tend to take things one step at a time.

Perhaps as a side effect of the various comings and goings in my church growing up, I can be hesitant to let myself become attached to new people, so don't expect me to declare my undying love after one conversation, or to be impressed if you do so.

If all this has not scared you off, I would love to hear from you!
First Date
Some kind of activity that won't prevent conversation. A hike or canoe trip, bowling, mini golf, etc. Maybe eating at a nice restaurant somewhere in there (but I think it's kind of silly to pay more than like $15/person for food, so by nice I don't mean fancy).
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