I can't define love, but I can say what it is like, what it resembles, what it reflects

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Stand up comedy, exploring the Bible, deep conversations about matters of the heart, laughter.
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Serious about doing well in my career and give my best to form meaningful friendship. I enjoy meaningful conversations with others about the things that matter in life.I love stand-up comedy. I think humor and artistic expression give our souls space to breathe and that the "win" is in the striving, not just the end result. I bought the book, "Beginners" by Tom Vanderbilt. (I plan to start reading it tomorrow.) I am of the firm persuasion that after school math tutoring should be supplemented with improv classes and games of Zip, Zap, Zop.

I enjoy studying investing and financial markets, when I am not working as a healthcare provider. To calm down in busy traffic, Bloomberg radio soothes my intellectual curiosity. I choose people to learn from who are the kinds of people I want to become like. I have learned the difference between trying to grow and letting myself grow. Much like a garden, each flower must receive its share of sun, water, and TLC. For me waiting on God to create the change is part of trusting Him to do the work in me that I cannot. But learning is a pathway to change for me when I have deep conversations with people who are the kinds of people I want to be like. Since I am an adult orphan, I work hard to find people to learn from and mentoring has been a way for me to pursue continued growth in my life. I also offer practical knowledge and friendship to those who want to learn something from me.

I enjoy reading God's Word and growing closer with Christ. I strive to walk with God and to engage my responsibilities with a sense of joy and thoughtfulness. I strive to be present and to enjoy others for who they are. Sometimes recognition and appreciation of what someone else is feeling and thinking is a healing balm. I offer that and I look forward to hearing your story.
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Going for a walk to a coffee shop and visiting an art museum.
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