Full Gospel: Bill Winston, Andrew Wommack, Kenneth Hagin, Joseph Prince, Todd White etc. USA ONLY!

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A Marriage Partner
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1 or 2 on occasion
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No way
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Camping, Healing School, Hiking in the mountains with my two big dogs and family or friends, paddleboarding, ect.
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It's been 5 yrs & I'm opening the door to love again. I believe in faithful, beautiful, strong, righteous love. AWESOME love, bc that's who my God is and His children are made in His image. I want to read the word with my husband. I want to worship Jesus together. I want to FULLY enjoy life with someone who KNOWS this is possible, bc the promise is: Life ABUNDANTLY. I want a husband who is in-love with the mountain forrest like I am. That's a must. I understand the finished works and our inheritance we ALREADY have in Christ thru faith. God is GOOOOOOD, and I'm seeing manifestation after manifestation of God's promises fulfilled, and my best days are ahead. I want a husband who understands the same Gospel I do, the FULL Gospel & wants the whole world to ALSO know and experience the GOODNESS of God & receive all He paid for us to have. Jesus is my first love, and he must be your first love. Jesus treats me kindly and WONDERFULLY. He is not cruel, but honest and kind. STRONG and tender. So will my husband be. I'm in 1st year Charis bible college, want to graduate and bring a healing center to Bozeman, MT. I work in a wood shop making rustic furniture for the rustic homes the company I work for builds. It's pretty cool. Let me tell you what might be a deal-breaker for you, cause I'd hate to waste your time, as I'd hate to waste mine. I still cuss once in a while around my friends who are all my dearest Jesus lady friends/family. I have a tattoo that is always covered bc it is offensive. I used to have severe ptsd bc I've overcome the worst kind of hell. I got the tattoo about 5 yrs ago to offend a Christian who was one of the cruelest people I ever knew & caused me tremendous suffering. The tattoo says: "No Separation. Blame me on Jesus, I LOVE that mother(effer)" It actually says the cuss word. That should send some of you running. LOL. I don't know if I'll ever get rid of it bc it's a reminder to myself of what satan meant to kill me with but I OVERCAME; even if that doesn't make sense to anyone else. I know I'm SO worth every flaw I come with. I'm VERY content with Jesus but believe marriage is a Glory. I'm GOING to take this world for Jesus, and a partner would make a wonderful piece of a beautiful life. I love camping, rustic design, farm/ranch/country life. Looking for a strong Christian, Holy Spirit baptized, full-gospel Christian man who wants to build a LOVE, a best friendship strong enough for family to lean on. Love is the root of a strong family. I am ONLY interested in people already operating in healing gifts of the spirit, who have been taught by folks like Andrew Wommack, Kenneth Hagin, Joseph Prince, Todd White, Bill Winston, etc. I believe SO passionately in the full gospel that I will wait or be married to Jesus alone bc I will not compromise. My heart is a treasure, my body is ok. I have GLORIOUS love to give, and I pray to be an excellent wife. No one is perfect in love, but LOVE is the goal. I believe there are EXCELLENT men made in my beloved Father's image. I know what I want. I pray you find your perfect match. Best wishes to you.
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Ps: I don't have time to explain why it is a no for me to date you to men who ignore what I clearly stated I'm looking for in my bio. I insta-block men from outside the USA. I also block Baptists, Catholics, Mormons, etc, who don't believe in speaking in tongues or doing supernatural works Jesus did & haven't understood the full-gospel as understood thru folks like Bill Winston, Andrew Wommack, Joseph Prince, Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Todd White, etc. I don't want to be unequally yoked. If you are a city boy & don't love the forrest, I wouldn't be remotely interested. I block a lot bc I don't like wasting my time explaining what I already explained is a NO for me in my bio. I KNOW what I want & what I DON'T. Don't be surprized if I block you if you message me and ignored what I stated. If you watch porn, your soul is broken & you need delivered, I'm not interested. If you're not baptized in the Holy Spirit & speak in tongues, I'm not interested. Yes, I'm very picky about who I consider for a husband. I would honestly rather never marry than to be unequally yoked. Hopefully that understanding saves you and I time and from hurt feelings. Best wishes to you!!
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