Hey what's up everyone, in hope everyone is blessed and doing absolutely amazing ✌️

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My Daughter, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cooking, BBQ's, Nature, Movies, Music, Shooting Pool, Football, Gaming, Dogs, Laughing, Swimming, The Beach, Taco Tuesday, Amusement Parks, Hiking, Slapstick Comedy, Camping, Fishing, Crafting, Beading, TV Sitco
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This is me take me or leave me I honestly don't care at this point and I'll tell you why. Because I gave this a shot and no one really has anything to say or is even remotely interested in conversing🤷 Just keeping it open for now to make friends, most of the people I have met on this forum are (A) Either on the other side of the world with no possibility of ever meeting in person (B) Have a God complex (C) Stuck up religious snobs (D) Completely psychotic and no seriously the very few people I have met on this forum are completely bonkers. (E) There are not very many members on this forum so getting to know someone is next to impossible (F) Are scammers (G) Have reservations and preconceived notions. Please don't get me wrong I love to see people happy and serving the Lord together but I have had very bad luck with this whole experience. Those I have reached out to have nothing to say to me and I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea/Coffee whatever I get it but I am a very kind hearted so I don't understand the psychotic rude behavior. To be brutally honest it's completely pointless. I do wish those who are in search of God's match nothing but blessings, happiness and prosperity. my theme song for myself (Love Dies Young by the Foo Fighters) and (Volbeat Black Rose) FYI people just because I listen to some Metal or look a certain way doesn't make me exempt from the Kingdom of God I am a good person and I have worth and something to offer so before you start going Holy Roller fire and brimstone with the judgements or finger pointing get to know me I'm a pretty awesome person. I have been through hell and have walked a milestone through things that would kill other people only by the grace of God, I have had to fight my whole life to survive some of the most devastating, devious, deadly scenarios so please don't secretly say ugly things about who I am as if you know my story trust and believe when I say you don't☝️ now that is out of the way I honestly should just close my account for good because if I completely relied on this forum to meet my expectations on finding or meeting my other half I would probably never meet my other half and I laugh to myself because I used to pray to God that my significant other would find me and would be here waiting for me. I was excited to meet God's match halfway but every time I would stop in it was dead air. Anyways good afternoon, good evening and goodnight�...🤦
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Lots Of Laughter And Coffee☕
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