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Aloha, I live in Hawaii and maintain a healthy clean lifestyle. I've never smoke/drugs, don't drink alcohol, have no kids, no tattoos, no diseases/disorders.

People consider me easy going and down to earth. I'm a normal functional human being that believes and follows Christ. I'm not perfect (no one is) and that's what makes each of us unique and interesting.

I'd like to meet someone with similar background/lifestyle for serious relationship with a biological straight female Christian woman of good character, virtue, and chastity (rare nowadays).

I've never been married and no past relationships. Why no past relationships? I've encountered women who were interested in dating, but after some productive conversation, I respectfully passed for various reasons (values/virtues didn't align, strong personality differences, lack of reciprocation/ empathy, immaturity, not virgin, not serious, not Christian (showed no interest in knowing Jesus), etc). Read Bible verse 2 Corinthians 6:14.

To save you time, before you message or wink at me, please understand my dealbreakers and carefully read below (don't skim through it because you could learn something).

1. I'm not interested in chatting with people who are divorced, separated, slept with a man in the past (not virgin), has kids, smoke, take illegal drugs, or have addictions. I respect them as people, but they aren't my preference for having a future life and family with.

Many people (both men and women) say they are God fearing or love God/Jesus, but they don't sincerely live by what they say. I'm not interested in a woman who already had premarital sex or slept with another man having sexual relations of any kind (foreplay, oral, intercourse, etc). I do recognize there are special cases, for example, women who were molested against their will, women who were loyal in their marriage, but their husband cheated with other women or a serious dangerous threat to her life (these are not the fault of the women). That said, in most Asian cultures (even as non-Christian), premarital sex is highly frown upon and shameful act that dishonors the family. I'm not sure if anyone actually reads The Holy Bible these days and practices Jesus' teaching in their daily life, but let me share this. The Bible clearly teaches and instructs us not to engage in sexual activity before and outside of marriage. Read Hebrews 13:4. Google search " is-sex-before-marriage-a-sin" to read the article for more guidance on this topic. When a man (outside of marriage/you both not married yet) convinces you to sleep with him to engage in sex and you consent (agree for whatever reason), it means that you love a man whom you are not married over God's Word. Essentially you value a sinful man's (or your ex-boyfriend's) words of higher priority than the instruction of the perfect God/Jesus Christ. This is similar to Adam and Eve listening and agreeing to Satan's words (disguised as the serpent) of eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and disobeying God's Word. I won't involve myself with a women who isn't a good role model for the future generation and doesn't teach kids/teenagers about the sinful nature of premarital sex. My first intimacy will be reserved after marriage for my future wife who will also be her first. Read Bible verse 1 Corinthians 6:19.

For women seeking a good Christian man, you can test him easily on his views of premarital sex. If he doesn't refer to Bible scripture or believe in it, I recommend you to stop communicating and run away from him. Don't bother trying to "change" him because he probably slept around with other women or seeking his first women to fool around with. You can however pray to Jesus to forgive the man and ask Jesus change to the man, but it's typically a very slow process. Time, youth, your virginity (purity) are things you can't regain back in life, so use your time and make your choices wisely.

2. You believe and associated in a Christian cult or a modified Christian faith that doesn't align with the Bible. These are Catholic, Islam, Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist, and more. All these religions modified the Bible to man's benefit and preference. There's too much to describe why. You can easily do your research online. I'm not interested in someone who associates themselves in these false faiths/religions. Read Bible verses:
Deuteronomy 4:2
Revelation 22:18-19

3. If you have any diseases, disorders, health problems, or past traumas, please be upfront and disclose it. Examples (not limited to): Allergies (certain foods, animals, plants), diabetes, hepatitis, herpes, cerebral palsy, mental/psychological (bipolar, depression, seizures). I understand this is sensitive matter, but it's part of who you are and it can seriously impact the future of a relationship.

Thanks for reading this far and your understanding. I'm open to chat online or meet in person if we match. There are many inactive and bot accounts on this app. If I messaged you, I'm interested to know you better. Have a blessed day!
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