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First off I am not looking for any long distance relationships overseas or out of provence. I will not be answering anyone who is not local to me thanks for understanding!

My parents have been married over 55 years.
I have seen them go through life together in the joy, and laughter of family being together also in the tears, and sorrow of hard times and heart break. They are wise in years, experience, and love Jesus with all their hearts. He is what defines their marriage and has always been the glue that has kept them together in love.
1 Corinthians 13 is a beautiful description of what love is when it is from God and manifested through our lives in not just words
( even though they are necessary too)
But mostly in actions. My parents have modeled this to me my whole life and I am so very thankful to have had that blessing in my life. They have taught me that compromise and forgiveness are vital for any Godly relationship. Trust and truth in everything is a must! Respect, kindness, manners, and a gentle humble Spirit should be fruit's that become habits through practice and through a heart of sacrificial love. When my parents look in each other's eyes there is a deep and seasoned love that has grown more through the trials in there lives, and they have walked them together no matter how hard or long.
It has caused them to grow closer together and be stronger more so then in all the easy times put together.
I think of the one thing that my parents always said when I was struggling in my relationships over the years that is worth sharing......
They would say that my generation has become self focused, inward focused instead of outward focused and prideful in ways that we have forgotten something very important when considering marriage. They told me everyone today is so focused on finding the perfect person so they can have a happy marriage a fairytale....
But God did not create marriage and make it a covenant with him so we could be happy.....
He created marriage so we could be holy..
When I look at my own journey I know this is where myself and many believers today fail in relationships. This wisdom must be shared by both equally and committed to no matter the struggles or trials.....
( I am not talking about addictions or abuse) those are things that definitely can end a marriage over time. But if both spouses are mature in their faith and bear fruit then those will not be an issue....
That's why it is also very important to be equally yoked.....
This is why my parents are the type of people you want to be around because when you are you don't just see a fake image of a perfect marriage. You see two imperfect people that have learned to love each other deeply for exactly who they are with all their imperfections, and even in their failures and sin. That's because God has made them into a beautiful masterpiece together in His love!!
Where one is weak the other is strong so they compliment each other beautifully and make each other better then they could ever be on their own.
The most important ingredients that were needed to accomplish this were commitment and a sustained connection between them that was not dependent on the trials or challenges they were facing. They always modeled to me that Divorce was not an option or giving up just because things got hard.
So because of that their marriage and commitment to their relationship has grow strong and passed the test of time. They are more in love today and understand more what that truly means then they ever were when they first met and fell in young love as they would put it. Lol
Thier testimony is of two wonderful believers that have become more holy and grown in their years together but also have shared a lot of happy times also because of the sometimes painful growing lessons they had together.

That is beautiful and priceless, that is what I truly want to find with the right person that I have not seen yet in my life but do trust God that I will before He is finished with me!
This is the best answer I could give right now but could spend many hours more talking about my journey that brought me here and hearing yours so we might see if in God's will we could find that together too. I believe that starts with a good friendship and will lead to more in time In Christ's love.
But I also am not an unwise inexperienced or young man at this point in my life I know what I want and have learned through life what is most important in an intimate relationship. I believe the Lord has some one who is in the same place as I am.
So with also wanting balance and being practical I do not want to keep dating in the friend stage for a long period of time.
When the time is right I know He will bring us together and we will both have peace to commit to a deeper relationship in marriage. I am not looking for perfect, just perfect for me.

PS I am not confined to a specific age but more about being at the same place in our lives so we can share common ground which will only set up a relationship for success!! That would most likely be between the ages of 45-55 depending on where your journey is at and how it compares to mine.
That can be found out over a conversation online for as long as is needed and then a coffee date in person would be wonderful!
Just say Hi! I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. If I don't respond it is only because the Lord is telling my Spirit that you are not the one I am waiting for.
I do want to thank anyone that gave the time to read my profile.
And say that I hope you find your best the Lord has for you in His Grace and love!!
God bless!!
First Date
I believe I have a very easy going nature in relating to people, yet I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in with Passion. I try to be polite and kind yet speak the truth in love even if it means rejection. I am a sinner and do make mistakes sometimes but always try to make amends and Apologize or ask forgiveness when I do and am convicted in the Spirit that I have hurt another's heart. I don't believe feelings are truth, they are not right or wrong they just are as we were created to be. But I do believe they are meant to be acknowledged, validated, and made to be understood and empathized with in a healthy way to love and support the ones we love in truth as God's word says. I do believe I have a very good sense of humor and love to make people laugh!!
I love to laugh myself it is a gift we all need more and more in these crazy times!!
I will always do my best to bring as much as possible to my life and those around me!
Laughter is the best medicine for the soul!
It's what has kept me looking and feeling young even through all of life's trials, heartbreaks and disappointments. I most of all am able to laugh at myself and realize I am not perfect, far from it but try not to let life or others opinion's of me get me down or cause me to forget who I am in Christ!
I hope the same for you always who ever you are!
I believe in building others up not tearing them down. But I also believe in tough love which sometimes can be received negatively when a person is not ready to receive including myself lol
That part of love is hard and takes the longest time to grow in any relationship but is so very necessary because even though it may not feel like it at the time. If done in truth, Wisdom, kindness, gentleness (if possible) and done well.....
Can cement a relationship together and cause it to grow stronger then it ever could without it....
But like everything in life it needs to be in balance with the other types of love towards someone.
This is who I believe I am and have worked hard in my life to develop in myself to be with Christ's help. I am a good balance between extroverted and introverted but I truly am an introvert and appreciate my alone times to recharge away from large groups. But I never mind people that are close to me to be in my company.
I am an INFJ yes the rare 2% my love language is touch and words of affirmation, so cuddling, hugging, kissing, holding hands ya.....
I have to be honest they are needs for me I am very affectionate for a guy and am not embarrassed or shamed by it at all lol
In fact I think it is one of many of my best qualities!
One on the "I need to work on list" is forgetfulness, I do not need reminders all the time but I do not get upset at all if they are offered as I know my weaknesses and would welcome the help any time it is offered lol
The rest about myself I will leave a mystery to find out later if you so desire :)
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