1 Peter 2:24 by His stripes ye WERE healed.

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Charis Bible College Colorado
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2 Yr College Degree
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Retired -Full Time Bible Student
God's Word, Helping people in need; Nutrition, Fitness, Wlking, Dining out, Grilling out, Quality Tm; Meaningful Conversation; Dancing; Beaches! Decorating; Sewing
About Me
Born again 1992, Spirit Filled 2 yrs later. Charismatic or Pentecostal.

Atonement; finished works of the cross; grace vs performance; New Cov vs Old Cov; Ambassador for the Kingdom of God & have been delegated authority & power (like a deputy) to do the works of Jesus & strive to execute my authority I've been entrusted with with great precision.

I pray, fast, study the Word on a regular basis.

I wlk 40-50 mls a wk.

Divorced since '92. 1 relationship during that time, 2.5 yrs w my fiance' who passed away.

I ws born in Europe/Germany. I became a US citizen by choice.

What I like: Eating healthy whole food - plant based diet; exercising/walking, dancing, sunny warm climates; beaches; dining out; dining outside under umbrella tables in the summer; Ministry; Meaningful Conversation w someone who is a good communicator; Active Listening; Feeling Validation; Direct Eye Contact;

I prefer dresses & skirts not pants, love hats.
I take care of myself & my car, my home, everything the Lord has blessed me with, I try to be a good steward.

I ws a full time Realtor for 9 yrs & ws a Program Manager for an International Treaty w 27 signatory countries which allowed overflights for the purpose of imaging - promoting openness & transparency between countries - involved a lot of planning, organization, protocol - at Wright Patterson AFB, & spent 9 yrs prior at the US Treasury Dept.

I'm a cut to the chase, direct person. I would only be compatible w the same type of man.

Often underestimated.


Only attracted to a real man, a strong man. Who is fit, takes care of himself, dresses well, is financially secure.
ps Who takes my breathe away & i hope i do the same for him.

(Photos are current, pink top Oct 20)
First Date
Talk, walk & a lot of communication & hopefully hear fr God.
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