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Chino77721 is Single in Houston, Texas, 1 Chino77721 is Single in Houston, Texas, 2 Chino77721 is Single in Houston, Texas, 3 Chino77721 is Single in Houston, Texas, 4 Chino77721 is Single in Houston, Texas, 5 Chino77721 is Single in Houston, Texas, 6 Chino77721 is Single in Houston, Texas, 7 Chino77721 is Single in Houston, Texas, 8 Chino77721 is Single in Houston, Texas, 9
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Hi , OK here's the deal straight out and raw. I pull no punches, so here goes. My name is Anthony but everybody calls me Chino. I am a Puerto Rican born in the Bronx, raised in Queens and Brooklyn. I am 56 years old with the heart and spirit of a 18 year old, meaning fun-loving, humorous, and young at heart. I am a very hard worker and have been that way since I started working at 11 years old. I was married for almost 4 years and divorced over 15 years ago and have been looking for my Biblical Ruth for those of you that know the story in the Bible. I have been independent since I was 13 and have always been a great provider, faithful, loyal, devoted, committed and loving partner. I feel the relationship was toxic because I didn't wait on God. I have worked since I have been 13 I have deep work ethics, and a very hard worker that has always landed good paying Jobs. I am an avid follower and believer of Jesus Christ and Love studying Scripture. I am an old-school gentleman and incurable romantic. I am very Loyal and Faithful, devoted and committed. I work hard, cook clean and share in all the household responsibilities with my partner.I am looking for a woman who Loves God and Jesus Christ (Equally yoked) as much as I do "if not more". I believe that I can be an excellent servant/spiritual leader to my Biblical Ruth. And as I have always done in my past "give my all" in every way. (To Love, Honor, and Cherish) the godly gift of a godly woman I am blessed with. I am also very affectionate and love to cuddle. I love studying Scripture, and am a prayer warrior and would Love to finally unite with my godly Biblical Ruth and wife I know God intends for me. I am looking to build a christian foundation and friendship and get to know my godly Queen, and to be that strong hard working man of God and husband He intended for me to be with my Biblical Ruth. if you feel this is you please by all means message me to say Hi and we will let God take it from there. God bless you all and will pray you all find your hearts desire.... Blessings to you all. 🙂
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