Constantly adding and updating my profile

Male | 55
The Ponds
New South Wales
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Looking For
A Talk/Email Buddy
Church Name
Anglican or Hillsong, Ultimately a church is just a building. I believe in God through Jesus to get salvation.
Church Attendance
Several times a year
Church Raised In
Do you drink?
Willing to relocate?
No way
Marital Status
Do you have children?
Yes but they're grown
Do you want children?
Does Not Want Children
Education Level
4 Yr College Degree
My Profession
CRM Consultant
I love to go out and eat and spend time socially, 4x4 ing, started looking at paraglide, Open for anything else, Have a large whisky collection that forms part of my social drinking
About Me
Due to what I have experienced here I have to add this to the top.
If you dont have a picture showing your face I wont respond to you.
If for example your age is 50 and you have a picture of a woman obviously 15 or more years younger, I wont respond to you

I am new at this so I am constantly updating my profile and have no idea where this will take me or where this will end.
It is just one of the areas in my life I leave up to God to control my destiny.

I am very honest and to the point, so I guess if you don't like what I say, move on.
I am trying to find my softer side thou to use better words etc - lol

Living in the world as it is these days I decided I need a pronoun as well.
My pronoun is "Child of God"

I am recently being separated, not my choice, and I am still hurting from it.
My wife of 27 years(together for 33) walked out on me and the kids, just saying she dont love me any longer. No other explanation.

I am not looking for any commitments at this stage.
I think where I am now I am just looking for another person to talk to.
I sometimes have a weirs sense of humor. So if I tell you something that absolutely make no sense, please ask and I will try and explain.

I love boat cruises, camping is ok, but I prefer 4x4 camping where you travel and camp at a new awesome site every night. Dont get me wrong. I will any day take up the offer of a hotel with breakfast included. Those types where you get a chockalet on you kuchen every morning.

If I make a spelling mistake, sorry but English is not my first language, I sometimes even leave Google lost for words.

All said above might change as this experience progress.
First Date
I am not at the stage to even contemplating a first date.
If I have to say, I would guess a nice dinner, not rushed with a drink or two and a open discussion.

I will complete this section as/if/when a first date becomes more of a possibility
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