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Born Again Believer - Evangelical Holiness Pentecostal Beliefs (See Below)
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A Marriage Partner
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Church of God of Prophecy (COGOP) - Also Weekly Watch An Online Service Which Is Free Will Baptist!
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4 Yr College Degree
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God, scriptures, church, Bible, Biblical era history, and related topics , researching topics of interest , genealogy, history, geography, anthropology, sociology, cultures, drawing, design, building, woodworking, DIY, crafts, writing, expressing my thoug
About Me


• Greetings to you!

• Thank you for visiting my profile!

• I seek to build a REAL friendship with a FEMALE, with the hope of obtaining the outcome of a committed relationship and more in the near future.

• A woman who matches BEST with me in various ways.

• I Kindly Ask That You Read My Profile Completely Before Messaging Me!

• My apologies for the length of my profile, although I feel it important to include some detail instead of having a near empty profile.

• If you have reasonable questions, then please feel free to ask them.

• Enjoy your visit here.



• Seeking a single female

• God Fearing - Christ Following - Born Again Believer!

Open To Woman Who Is Either:

• Never Married

• Unmarried (Divorced for an actual biblical approved cause, and now ready to move forward in a new relationship)

• Widowed (Last husband has passed away, and she has taken time to properly grieve, and now ready to move forward in a new relationship)

• Please NO SEPARATED WOMEN. Separated means one is still legally married. I do not get involved with married women.

Preferred Age: It depends on the woman. I prefer to match moreso on compatibility and interest, rather than on age. Therefore, I am open to ages 38 to 52 years old approximately. Might consider either someone who is younger or older, age 30 to 58 maximum, although only on a case by case basis.

• Regardless of age, maturity, respect, sincerity, honesty, truthfulness, and faithfulness are expected, and are a must!

• PREFER a woman who is NOT an existing grandmother/great grandmother.

• A sense of humor is a definite plus.

• Mutual physical attraction, and mutual romantic chemistry are a must.

• Must be able to communicate fluently in English.

• Off Site communication would come later, after first taking some time communicating on this site. Having real time interactive audio and video call are a must, and expected after communication is taken off site..

• Looking forward to the opportunity of chatting, talking and getting to know you!



• 58 year old (February - Aquarius)

• 5 feet 9 inches tall (without shoes)

• Thick Heavyset Guy

• Dark Brown Hair Bald on top with, gray in the temples (Length varies - currently very short).

• Brown Eyes

• Wear Glasses (Mainly for distance, occasionally for reading small print)

• Father of 4 Young Adult Sons

• My 4 sons are from my first marriage, no children from my second marriage.

• I DO NOT have any grandchildren.

• Born Again - God Fearing - Christ Following Believer

• Mature, Faithful, Caring, and Understanding -- a one woman man.

• I am a firm believer in prayer, and I believe in miracles; and have faith in God!

• I am a real man who is honest, sincere, truthful, and caring.

• I am kind and respectful, and expect the same in return.

• Drama Free

• Marriage & Family Oriented

• Pro - Life (across the board in all arenas of life)

• Traditional & Conservative in values, and morals

• Believe in giving and helping those in need, especially those who are unable to afford the things they need, whether due to be elderly, disabled, sick, low income and such. This is part of being pro-life which most people overlook, or do not want to address. Remember the Teachings of Christ in regards to those who are in need or poor in the physical sense.



• God fearing man who strives to listen, obey and follow the teachings and doctrine of the LORD and the scriptures.

•A mature, loving, caring, understanding, gentle, kind man with a warm heart.

• Honest, sincere, self giving, dedicated, trustworthy, dependable, faithful, and enduring.

•Quick wit with a great sense of humor, and sometimes to the point of silly or goofy at times; especially when I get really tired.

• A Serious person, who knows how to use wisdom -- with an inquiring mind, who is good at finding solutions.

•Sensitive, but yet strong. Tried but true. Forged but tender. Tolerate but yet reasonably firm.

•I am open minded and able to see and think outside the proverbial box.

•A thinker with an imaginative, intriguing, inventive, innovative, and creative mind.

• Attention to detail, and a sharp eye.

• Resourceful, practical, logical, determined, patience, and intelligent.



• I am not proud of my two past failed marriages. Divorce was never my intention from the start. Although, when a woman does not want to continue in marriage, and had another man she wants to be with, then the husband has no real choice but to allow her and agree to a divorce.

• The spirit which leads a women to desire another man, and seek a divorce from her husband, is not of God. It is a spirit of rebellion, and renders the wife an unbeliever (even if she claims to be a Christian) because God is not in such actions or behavior as these things.

• The Apostle Paul says if the wife wants to depart, then the husband is not bound, because God wants peace.

• Divorced Twice & Now Single

- Was divorced by my then first spouse in 2008, she had left me after 10 years of marriage. She had desired to be with another man, which was a very close relative of mine. She and he are now married.

- Was divorced by my then second spouse in 2013, she left me after about one and a half years of marriage. She desired to be with her former High School boyfriend. There were other factors which made the marriage unbearable to me, but it was her that filed for the divorce, as it was her that wanted another man. She is now married to that man.

- After my second divorce in November 2013, I was set back at how easy it seemed for someone to leave a marriage, as if it was merely a dating relationship. I decided to take some time, and reevaluate things in my past relationships, and past two marriages, as well as taking the opportunity to work on myself as well.

- I have been single since my last divorce, and have only had online dating, and online relationships since my last divorce. I have been ready to marry again for a few years now, and been searching for my potential mate. Since this would be a third marriage following two failed marriages, I must be careful with my selection for my potential Life Partner and future Wife!

- I have learned from my past mistakes and failures, and vow to never repeat them, and never to get divorced again. I want my Life Partner to be with me for the rest of my life!

• After much prayer and study of scriptures, I feel that I am eligible to remarry in the LORD. Therefore, me remarrying would not be a sin, as long as I marry a woman who is also eligible to marry or remarry (which ever case applies).



• Retired From Work In October 2016 Due To Medical Health Disability.

• Functional with inabilities and limitations.

• Currently unable to work a job.

• Have Faith and Trust in God for the complete healing of my body! AMEN



• Born Again, God Fearing, Christ Following Believer

• Believe In Following God

• Have A Personal Relationship with God

• My Personal Relationship With God began at the age of 8 years old, when I knelt down and confessed and repented of my sins.

• Believe in One God manifested in three personas as - Father - Son - Holy Spirit (The Trinity)

• Evangelical (Repentance - Born Again Salvation) Holiness (Sanctification - Growing In Maturity In Christ) Pentecostal (Holy Spirit Baptism & Gifts of the Spirit) Beliefs.

• Water Baptism by immersion (as an outward sign of the regeneration - born again experience which has already occurred on the inside) of the Believer.

Other Beliefs:

• Continuation of the Spiritual Gifts

• Free Will of Man

• Whosever calls upon The LORD Jesus shall be saved.

• Repentance of sins - Godly sorrow works repentance

• Belief in Scriptures from Both The Old Testament, and New Testament as they interrelate, following the New Testament commands, doctrine, and teachings.



• High School Graduate (Diploma)

• University Degree (Bachelor of Science)



• Have various and diverse interest. Due to my health I am prohibited in participation in many of my interests.


• From God, scriptures, church, Bible, biblical era history, and related topics - To researching topics of interest - To genealogy, history, geography, anthropology, sociology, cultures - To drawing, design, building, woodworking, DIY, crafts - To writing, expressing my thoughts into words, reading books, articles, essays, watching documentaries - To watching videos, surfing the internet, computers, photography - To being creative in other various ways.

• Love thinking outside the proverbial box, as well as stepping back and looking at the big picture. And many many other interest in-between those listed above.



• If you are sincerely interested in me, and would like to learn more about me, then please ask!

• I am willing to answer your sincere questions within reason.

• Please be willing to share about yourself, and answer my questions.

• All information in my profile is correct and up to date.

• Looking forward to reading your message.



• I regret having to add this section. Although I have experienced more than my share of individuals who have other motives, which are not the intended purpose of this site!

• Therefore if this section DOES NOT APPLY to you, then please disregard!

• DO NOT ask or hint for money!

• Not interested in any type of business opportunities or activities, or money making schemes.

• I am not here to buy your products, nor to transact financial business on your behalf!

• No Fakes, Scammers, Con-artists, or the like will be welcome or tolerated!

• This is NOT my first rodeo!
First Date
Looking forward to meeting in person. She and I will together make the decision as to when it will be appropriate to meet in person the first time! I feel that it will be important to first meet face to face in a public place and talk. Less stress and no expectations beyond meeting.

After meeting face to face, she and I will know if there is mutual attraction, and physical romantic chemistry. If so, then we can decide on our first date! Perhaps a spontaneous casual date directly following our face to face meeting ! What do you think?
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