What did Boaz say to Ruth when he met her?

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Before I met you, I was RUTHless!

Before we talk about me, let's talk about you.

First of all, thank you for visiting my profile. As you are no doubt aware, online dating poses many challenges, so to avoid wasting each other's time, allow me to set some ground rules.

If you haven't put effort into your profile, please don't message me. Online dating is challenging enough as it is, so you should have a profile with AT LEAST one picture and talk about who you are and your preferences so I have an idea if we might be a match.

If, after reading through my profile in its entirety, you think we'd be a good match, send a wink. If I'm interested, I'll contact YOU, but be warned: any and all generic messages/replies, whether long or short, will be deleted and your account blocked: it denotes laziness and demonstrates you as unworthy to be pursued by a Godly Christian man. As a further demonstration that you aren't a bot or just wasting my time, include the word "Jesus" in your message.

Alright, now let's talk about me

Fearsome but funny Christian who enjoys cooking and being silly. Some adjectives my friends use to describe me: calm, hilarious, charming, deep, thoughtful, disciplined, caring, professional, sarcastic and happy. I look fearsome, yet I'm constantly making people around me smile. Sometimes I can be sassy, but in a playful way. I only gave my heart to Jesus about 4 years ago, and while still being a toddler in the faith, people who meet me are often surprised at how mature I seem in my walk with Christ. I pray daily, and study the Bible daily, so please be aware that Christ is my focus and all other things come after. In fact, the local chapel is my home-away-from-home.

Looking for marriage partner who will cook with me and pray with me. Someone who will put Jesus first, who's a regular churchgoer, and if you're involved in a ministry, that's even better. I need someone who will "get" me and my odd sense of humor, so you must own at least one funnybone, or at least have access to one. I have a preference for younger women, and while I'm sure that many of you are wonderful, Spirit-filled daughters of the Most High, I'll only give serious attention to women who respect my criteria. Thank you for understanding!

I enjoy cooking, and preparing food, especially desserts. I like to tinker with RC vehicles and while I do work-out, I don't do it obsessively. Reading is also important to me: not just the Bible, but anything that can help me improve or grow and help others.

I don't get along well with people who are spineless or cowardly, and I tend to confront abuses of authority, so as my potential partner, you absolutely have to have my back, just as I will have yours. Lazy people also irritate me, especially those in ministry: there's nothing worse in my eyes than someone who doesn't take their walk with the Lord seriously

If you're still reading, congratulations on making it this far! You should know that I'm currently serving in the helps ministry of my local church and I love it. That said, for the time being, my calling is to remain here, so if one of us is to move, it will have to be you. As always, pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit and He will guide you in the right path, whether it's toward me or someone else.

Scriptures that speak to me: Psalms 2, 23, 35, 82, 83 and 91. The book of Judges, 1 Samuel, and the Gospel of Matthew, 1 Corinthians, just to name a few.

Quick conversation starters:

-What kind of music would you be playing on a road trip?
-Rapture: before or after the Final Tribulation?
-Do you think everyone will be wearing a white moo-moo in heaven, or will we still have pants??
-Do you have any unusual talents/abilities I should be aware of? Prophecy? intentionally dislocating your joints, healing, etc.?
-Sweet or savory?
-Chocolate: yes or no?

IG: john316moscato
First Date
...Let's go to church! If you burst into flames or fall on the floor writhing and foaming at the mouth, I'll know there's room for improvement.
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