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God, Love (maybe for you :) ), learning truths of God/science to be freer and teaching them to others, marriage/family, justice, health, creating happiness, outdoor activities, music, eating food from various countries, and more.
About Me
My name is Bryan and I am especially passionate about these things:
1) Love: In Hebrew, Love means consistently giving to each other in marriage first and then to others as we have time so we and our families/communities live the best life now & for eternity with God

The Bible puts it simply, "always do good to each person and all people." 1 Thess. 5:21. Harvard professor Dr. E.O. Wilson said that while selfish people sometimes win for a short time, in the long run and esp. at the group level, it is altruistic people who live unselfishly that endure, conquer challenges best and always beat selfish people. God says these kinds do the best good on earth and have rewards beyond imagination in heaven as well (1 Tim. 4:8, 1 Cor. 2:9).

This video, ''allegory of the long spoons'', is a good illustration of God's principle, what helps marriage flourish best and my top goal in life and I hope yours too!

2) Truth because truth is the basis of freedom and many other crucial benefits according to Jesus in John 8:32 and many wise people from many cultures. Jason Stanley put it well:
Yale professor Jason Stanley says.
“Truth is required to act freely. Freedom requires knowledge, only know what you’re doing if you have access to the truth. So freedom requires truth, and so to smash freedom you must smash truth.”

3) I'm passionate about justice & making a better life for everyone at all levels of society, because this is a crucial essence of godliness (Prov. 29:7, 31:8-9, Luke 4:18-19, and ~2000 Bible verses).

4) I strongly desire deep friendship, a soul mate, affection and intimacy with a loving woman in marriage!

5) I'm very interested in biblical economics because to spread love, truth, stop injustice & more, we to fund these things.

6) I've worked in education for 25 years & genuine education based on God's principles is a foundation of thriving families and civilizations.

7) I love thrills and trying new things from adventure sports to exotic foods from new cultures!

How about joining me on an adventure through our world and through time!

My Ideal Person Some of the things I'm looking for in a woman are:

--Do you love God and people (Matthew 22:37-40)? Loving God and people are extremely helpful for couples to be happier, patient, forgiving, and develop great relationships. Science shows that when say yes to each other's requests/needs less than 87% of the time, that causes broken dreams, much pain, and sometimes tragic breakups/divorce. If they say yes to each other more than 87% of the time, especially in areas of deeper needs, they usually have great marriages. So this is crucial and I follow this and it's important for the woman I love to follow this to for us to be happy and have the best success.

--Do you love truth and science above feelings and old habits? Feelings are important, but some are right and helpful and some are wrong and harmful. Truths from God and science are crucial to help us follow only the good feelings and experience the highest levels of freedom and do the most to help others be free (John 8:32) and I strictly follow truth to the best of my ability, changing habits when necessary so as to experience and do the most good?

--Do you want to date and hopefully marry fairly soon (within 1-2 years if possible)? I do.

--Do you want to enjoy conversation, romance/sensuality while dating and combine these with regular intimacy in marriage? I'm a romantic and want to have the closest intimacy in marriage. So these are all important to me.

--Do you believe all people have equal rights and are you are interested in helping to promote justice when you can and live life to help others?

--Is being healthy important to you? Being able to cook healthy and tasty vegetarian food would be great since I'm vegetarian. But I can cook some foods well myself.

--Are you kind, patient, forgiving of people and the man you love? I live this way for the woman I love.
--Do you enjoy being outdoors in nature, hiking, swimming, camping, playing sports, etc.? I like this often. But sometimes I like to relax at home too.

--Looks are temporary, character is most important. But like many guys, I would like a girlfriend/wife who makes an effort to be attractive for the man she loves. I like cute and/or beautiful women. But I'm fairly easy to please.

If you don't have these, we could possibly still date/marry...but the more the better:

--Do you like adventure and to travel from time to time (or are OK with me traveling sometimes)? I like staying around home sometimes, but sometimes like to see and try new places and activities.

--Do you play a musical instrument? I play guitar and can play trumpet and a little piano. Music makes more great memories in life!

--Do you have skills in art/graphic design/video editing?

--Do you like food from various countries, etc.

--Are you are interested in having children together? If not, what about adopting 1-2 children? I already have 1 daughter, so it's not crucial for me to have more children. But it would be nice.

Last, I am interested in dating a Chinese woman because I plan to live in China for much of my future and I think it would be easier for her if she knew and liked the Chinese language and culture well. But if God wills, I'm open to someone else.
First Date
I'd like to do some or all of these things depending on what you would like as well:
hiking or mountain biking in nature to a waterfall, swim and jump off cliffs in the water together, kiss under a waterfall if things go well as I think they would :), talk about our lives and the grandeur of nature by a fire, end with a romantic dinner at an Asian restaurant (esp. Thai, Indian or Chinese).
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