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Outdoors and traveling mostly. I'm open to most anything that I'm in the mood for, as long as it's clean fun. Ideas?

I can play Guitar and like to sing when I'm in the mood.

I may put more later.
About Me
I'm looking to get to know someone with relationship intentions and ultimately seeking marriage. . I'm looking for a female with similar beliefs, personality type, temperament and other common grounds. .

I'm an old fashioned, conservative, Spirit filled Christian who loves Jesus Christ. . I believe Jesus is God in the flesh and all the fullness of God dwells in Him. . Im baptized in His Name, I don't celebrate certain holidays and I don't follow religion. . I seek Jesus, not man. I lift up Jesus and not people. . I believe in miracles, tongues as gift (along with the other gifts of the Spirit) and evidence..

What I'm looking for in a woman. .

I'm not interested in women who show off their bodies, nor am I interested in body ornaments/piercings or tattoos. .

More about me. .

I'm seeking a closer walk with Jesus though I know I fall short. I'm not extremely picky, but I do have certain moral convictions/preferences. .

I enjoy traveling and sharing about God with others. I've traveled to many States within the continental US, I've also traveled to South America, the Bahamas and Israel.

I wasn't able to fly for some time because of having developed PTSD. I had PTSD for about ten years and God healed me this year (2023). I began to feel a relief from it around October or November of 2022 and then I flew to Israel in June of 2023. That's when I realized it was gone and I was healed. .

More about me. .

I love to talk when I open up and other times I'm content to just listen. I am a deep thinker and I can also be emotional and sensitive.

I like to joke and I am an introvert. .
I can be serious when I'm focused on certain things. . . otherwise I can have a crazy/silly sense of humor. I love to laugh (I can make myself laugh when most can't). .

I'm from the country, I enjoy the outdoors and love the mountains. I Enjoy traveling and the simple things in life. . I love fall of the year, the smell of leaves/wood burning. I enjoy looking at the stars, sunsets, rainbows and the sky in general. .

I believe there is much to see and if we are not careful we'll miss out on the most beautiful things in life, by simply not slowing down to look.

Eyes are a big deal to me. I believe two can connect through the eyes.

Needs/languages: recreational companionship, touch, time and attention.

INFJ-T is supposedly my personality type. .

I'm mostly Phlegmatic and secondly, melancholic. .

I must be honest. . . I'm both pro-life and pro-choice; as I care about the life and the choice, of both the unborn and already born. .

Some quotes by me, inspired by God:

Every day we should ask ourselves: what am I doing; and why am I doing it?

People decorate what shines the most, but they neglect what doesn't.

Give attention to what is dull and the rest will take care of itself.

You find outward beauty and you find inward beauty, but you rarely find both.

Most everyone shows what they know, but who really knows what they show?
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