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Mother Nature, whole food plant based diet, music, cooking, fitness, books, yoga, qi gong, gardening...
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But it's rather fitting for such a corny app.

Didn't anybody teach you it is rather rude to be sending a gentleman winks? Where are your manners?
So you can't read? Stop! Nothing to see here! Move along:) Gawd bless you and the devil kiss ya:)

Ellooo possums, ello possums... tickle, tickle,tickle..

Only here to see what is out there.........................................
................. and beyond

Don't let the cheekiness fool you. Women who interact with me will tell you I am a gentleman:) Perhaps I truly am. I see things differently though, all is one, only Life exists. In a masculine male body but a piece of life! If you are able to grasp this with your being, you become open to non-violence and integrity.

Duffy ain't your stuffy if:
1. You eat and drink rubbish,
2. Aren't into fitness,
3. Don't love and respect your self,
4. Are an social media mod- you've already got the attention you are seeking hey, selfies and a plethora of worthless pics in shoddy poses, possibly aping someone else on social media.
5. Dye your hair- destroying the melanin in it. l Please look up Doc Jack Kruse on yt,
6. Don't like the sun or getting plenty of sunlight, same reason as above,
7. Don't like dark choc, same reason as above,
8. Are incapable of independent critical thinking,
9. Talk about sh!t you don't really know. Stop being a pretender and a hypocrite- you'll end up getting lethal ninja guppy van dam double flying kicks from me.
10. Resemble a train wreck. Looks are important, I'm good-looking and not into love is blind theory. Love that is blind and cannot see is bondage! And I ain't looking for love. I haven't got a definition for beauty either. I look at everything in Nature and on this planet and the planet herself and I go like "wow! ...amazing! Splendid! " And when I observe the two legged, the appreciation stops right there. If there is any depth to you, you'll get my drift.
11. Aren't honourable. So you aren't worth your salt missy? I've got good news for ya. Most of the two legged are like you. Hang out with them,leave me alone.
12. If you snore in your sleep.
13. If your fharts are smelly, I don't want to die young.
14. If you are loudmouthed, arrogant and opinionated.
15. I'm not being a s3xiest when I say this because I don't trust the two legged of modern societies in general. Because most are totally brainwashed and predatory and don't even realise it. You have been conned and lied to your whole life! Don't let your education and beliefs fool you because almost everything we have been taught is a lie! And this isn't a conspiracy theory, I can prove it to you within minutes if you've got half a brain:)
I don't trust women in particular. It is easy to spot predatory men, but it is hard to tell what a woman is up to. Your own book tells you how women caused the fall of mankind? Why go crook at me for pointing out what is obvious?
Most women in modern societies are being groomed to be perfect big swinging d!ck b!tches! All you have to do is walk into a mall and it becomes apparent within minutes.

If you are a pseudo big swinging d!ck wannabe kindly ignore me because I don't put up with BS, b!tches deserve a double flying van dam kick in their nuts like every moment of their existence. The only reason for their existence is to give the creator a bad case of haemorrhoids.
16. Trust and affection flows freely for all creatures on this planet save for modern two legged homo- sapien- sapien- domesticus-economicus- spineless- predatory- numbnuts- dingbatbus.

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