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I'm looking for a traditional godly wife as the Creator intended: soft, delicate, feminine, not poisoned by feminism (feminism coming from communism and communism comes from satanism), very, very, very simple heart and mind, with no ambition, no dream other than fulfilled his godly mission to deepen her faith, getting closer to God and being an outstanding wife. For all these women wanting to put their career upfront, working like crazy to feel alive, wanting to travel the world, being successful, studying more and more, these are zero appeal to a real godly traditional man as it is all again coming to feminism which goes COMPLETLY against true and classic Christianity/Catholicism. Plus, they are terrible wives and mothers. I wouldn't wish that to any man in the world. It is so sad when women pretending to have faith, but using faith like a buffet: they pick up what arrange themselves for comfort and has the capacity to ignore God's requirements when it is time to behave and to apply God's principles to be a godly woman...

Only a true godly gentleman as the Creator requiring can treasure and cherish a true godly lady. Very simple heart and mind, very virile when it is required, but also very kind at all time. My main interests are my faith and my future wife. I'm like a little boy too, with the simplest things make me so happy. Very spiritually and emotionally intelligent and balanced. Walking, nature, true beauty in art forms and simply spending time with my future wife. I'm not attracted by so many temptations out there, I guess that is called wisdom when you go up and up and up, closer and closer and closer and closer to the Divine...

I'm not that kind of man going to church and pretending to be good for an hour and then and becoming bad again once he stepped out of the church. I have a hard time with pseudo/lukewarm/fake Christian. 99% of people pretending to have faith are barely able to act like it and that is how you can see true faith: in your daily actions. Even in dating, rare are true Christians... I feel being more Christian than most Christian I met on dating and in general... But my faith differs... Your faith is the basis of my faith. I live as the Bible requires me to do, aiming for more and more virtue and morality. As you believe in sin, I believe in karma, which is the same. I believe in the Creator and I recognize Jesus and God as divine beings for sure, but my faith is traditional Chinese ...
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