ChristopherGallardo is Single in Colorado Springs, Colorado


Single seeks Woman for Eventually Raising Many Orphans in Homestead Village

Male | 33
United States
Colorado Springs
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ChristopherGallardo is Single in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1 ChristopherGallardo is Single in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2 ChristopherGallardo is Single in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 3
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A Marriage Partner
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Bible Discussion at The Irish Pub every Sabbath night.
Church Attendance
Every week
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Do you drink?
1 or 2 on occasion
Willing to relocate?
No way
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Want Children
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2 Yr College Degree
My Profession
Independent Contractor: Deliverer
Singing, Musicals, Ireland, Scotland, Exploring, Sailing, Wilderness Survival, Farming, Homesteading, Children, Martial Arts, Books, Romance, Fantasy, Scifi, Music, Video Games, Movies, TV, Learning, Exercise, Food, Travel, Nature, Animals, Military
About Me
Conservative aka Republican, Pro-Vaccines, Pro-Military, Pro-Guns, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Illegal Immigration

I only follow The Holy Bible, Not Traditional, and I don't follow The Rabbis or Any Denomination.

I aim to be a good obedient son of Father God and follower of Christ: King of The Jews who accept him and whom all who follow Christ are grafted into (Romans 11),

I understand salvation is by faith only in Christ and is a gift, but also that as Christ said if I love him I will keep his commandments and John 1 makes it clear Christ as The Word of God (a God) created everything alongside The Father God and they were always together leading The Jewish people and therefore all of The Holy Bible and law and commandments are from Christ as well as our Father.

I keep The Holy Days, Diet, Clothing Rules, and so on as I learn little by little.

Looking for Devout Non-Denominational Christians or Messianic Humble, Modest, Mature, Accountable, Musical, Creative, Adventurous, Kind, Gentle, Submissive, Strong, Tough, Intelligent, Clean, Fit, Combat Capable (or willing to learn), Healthy, All Natural Woman.

No: Makeup, Fake Anything, Shaved, Ungodly Tattoos (God honoring Tattoos are ok), Piercings, Heels, Skimpy or Tight Clothing, Feminist, Woke, Independent, Modern, etc.

Any potential Wives need to connect with me Musically.

These songs have deep meaning for me:

A Million Dreams by The Greatest Showman

A Thousand Years by Twilight movie series

Into The Unknown by Elsa in Frozen 2

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Favorite Movies:

The Matrix
The Greatest Showman
Frozen 2
Twilight Triology
The Lord of The Rings Triology
Original Star Wars series

Favorite TV Series:
Oh! My Goddess OVA
Eureka 7
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Teen Titans
Steven Universe
Steven Universe: Future

Favorite Books:
The Lord of The Rings Triology
The Chronicles of Narnia
Harry Potter series
First Date
Drink at The Irish Pub or a Phone Call.
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