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"I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone."

� Lord of The Rings

Young Christian ladies, the Lord chose you before the foundation of the world! Be encouraged, feel empowered and strong in faith because you have nothing to fear when God is with you. (Many Saints can sometimes forget who they are!) That's why it's written "If God be for us who can be against us!" Praise the Lord!

The one thing you really should know about me is that I'm a Christian man who believes in true love. Jesus sacrificed His life opening the door to eternal life for anyone who believes. Meditating on that eternal life, really gives a Saint a deep gratitude and longing for Christ. The Spirit guides me to this over and over again! Don't ever lose sight of the great gift that God has given us.

So I'm a Florida raised, blood bought child of God and my mom lives in Ft.Lauderdale where from the age of 7 I grew up. She's really the best mom in the world, honestly. My enthusiasm I get from her I would have to say.
Also my brother lives with them and is graduating this year (I remember when he was 7 and we would make up games with the floor tiles of our house haha)

Having lived up and down the east coast, God really has provided a rich history for me; lots of experiences and good friends along the way. I'm a fan of the outdoor, love nature, watching animals be silly and being a social butterfly. I'm interested in a woman who knows what's it like to be kind, submissive and supportive. That Eve was made for Adam. I feel that God wants me as a man to be a good husband for my wife. No matter what, it takes commitment. You have to want it and work for it. Just like building a house, at first there's a struggle but then it pays off with the creation of a new home.

Friendship then courting and then marriage is I think the biblical way.But really I just wanna hold your hand (okay beatles quote haha) Do you enjoy star-lit walks in a park or being at the beach watching the moon? Cause either one is okay with me!

I want my wife to positive, if I was really asked that's what I would say is a very important trait. Positive, open minded, somewhat aggressive. Our strengths rule out our weaknesses in that beautiful symmetry. That's what makes a budding marriage really something special I think, when we can accept each other for who we really are.

I've worked through many trials and it always by God's grace that the Lord has strengthened me as I am today transforming me to someone who by God's grace, more in love with the truth than ever, a warrior for truth and a good friend. People need salvation. They need to find what the eternal Spirit had in store, the riches of His grace in the ages for His children. Oh Lord open the floodgates and rain down your blessings upon us!

Once the Lord saved me from drowned a few years ago while staying in Missouri. I drove into a river and yet was able to survive during a hostile rain and some hail. God saved me from the waters and gave me my life! Christ has been my rock all through my life and I call upon no other.

You don't have to be perfect for me to love you, just be willing to let God love you and love will open up from your husband also.

Here are some more of my passions: Chess, piano-playing, art, films, writing and mathematics (I work as a math tutor online. Let me know if you want to be tutored)

Some of my favorite movies include: Schindler's List, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Passion of the Christ, The Never-Ending Story, Back to the Future, Explorers, Honey I Shrunk the Kids and others..


So ladies just to be aware, I try to get back to all the messages I receive but sometimes I'm busy. If I don't respond back to you right away, I definitely will in time!

A long-distance relationship can work also if we click and are both serious about it.

Here's a poem for you, tell me what you think:
(This was written about 2004)

My Brother Kyle
Child, Joyous, Laughter, Silly, Loving- all these he adorns
A child that runs and leaps and learns life's thorns
Blue-eyed and blonde; his face is still young
Thunder rolls and lightning flashs, he runs and hugs for protection
He is innocent, by the world he hasn't been stung
For every departure he says goodbye, filled with affection
Imaginative: the monsters are around every corner, puppets have minds
His smile is like finding a long forgotten piece of myself,
that was flung away behind a shelf
Joking and pretending is his quest
He is appeased by what to me is no longer fun
Of my friends, he is the truest and the best
When I'm with him I become him and life's chores fall away as the sun
He is Kyle

One of the other passions I have is playing piano. Here's a soft piano melody that I had the privilege of creating at my hometown friend Nick works the sounds booth and they had a grand piano. They are truly a remarkable instrument. anthony-smith-1/in-the-clouds

Thank you dear sister, for reading my profile and learning more about my life and hopefully you were encouraged in the Lord! May Yahweh direct you!

Love and blessings in the Lord Christ,

~Mark S.
First Date
A good picnic with a special romantic dinner and some chocolate strawberries for dessert. (This would be a future date not the first) The first date could be doing a bible study by a lake. It's low-key, fun and casual; a great way for us to connect starting with God's word!
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