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Volunteering, Learning about god, building things, fishing, hiking, trying new resturants,
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I am a Christian guy, I live by faith, I pray daily, I love on people that I meet, i help strangers because I can, I volunteer when I have the opportunity.

I believe in the holy gospel and do not follow prosperity teachings. I don’t believe it’s my job as a Christian to judge the living and the dead. I don’t believe in living in hatred, deceit, and jealousy of someone else’s lifestyle or relationship with Jesus.

I frequently tell women that I am pursuing that I don’t do hookups and At 35 years old I have never hooked up. I normally loose 100% of the women with this logic. Something about society teaching women how all guy’s want sex. So if he doesn’t he’s lying or he’s weird.

My longest relationship has been with Jesus. Because no one else has ever stuck around. But he’s also my main love, my father and king of all.

Most women think I’m weird. I have had dates break down crying because Jesus answered their prayers and showed them a good guy. But they told me I am the one they deserve not the one that they want.

I have pursued everyone no matter what their race was or society beliefs in beautiful with the intention of a build able relationship.

I am not religious. I love god to much to join someone’s cult as they define the Bible their way. Sell the forgiveness of sins. Speak words of hatred and judgment as Jesus died and left them in charge.

I try to live and love like Jesus. I try not to judge you for your past. And love you for who you’re and who you’ll become.

I love how cynical the religious can get. They can take a bible verse, judge the people who say it but refuse to actually listen to the words. Two wrongs don’t make it right.

If the churches actually taught love and happiness and not hatred. The world would be such a better place.

But it doesn’t so here I will stay waiting for the one woman who wants the guy she deserves.
First Date
Something simple. I don’t do dinner first dates. There’s so many women out there wanting to be spoiled but I want a woman who doesn’t. In my experience if you actually have faith you will glow. But if you don’t have faith you will have just exist and the truth of what you want will come out.
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