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British Columbia
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A Marriage Partner
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christian non denominational
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Every week
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Sure, why not
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Want Children
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4 Yr College Degree
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Kingdom of God,Travelling,Africa,Phillipines,cars,real estate
About Me
I am trusting God to lead me to the love of my life..
A woman who loves God, who is kind, gentle, beautiful inside out, faithful and true.

I am tender, loving ,humble,very adventurous ,very funny, serious, intellectual passionate, powerful, handsome , very young for my age!
.We are here on the Earth to learn how to love God and our neighbor as ourselves.
I am unvaccinated and I look for that in my wife as well..

I love the Prov 31 woman and her gentle spirit.To find her is as finding a treasure and wow what a grace of God that would be...:jay:

I speak Dutch , German, English, some French. I am a social person and yet I need my own space as well to recharge and spend a lot of time in God,s presence. I love music, dance and choirs and have discovered that the Holy Spirit anointing is evident / manifesting in many art forms and music to touch our hearts..

Fall on Him, the Rock of Ages to pieces so nothing of your natural mind remains, so He can be Almighty in and through you, do not waste any trial, do not escape the pain but go through it with Him so He can heal you , no more escapism, no more relieving pressure through old habits, ONLY JESUS.

God owns the entire universe and galaxies !And here you are, you little Earthling , overtaken by the cares of life or selling your soul for a microscopic chunk of this world in the form of money, NO,there are more stars and planets then grains of sand in the universe, the Earth just being one of them , that is how big God is , so build up your real estate in heaven , where the true value lies , the values that are the very attributes of the living God, love is the first and foremost one because God is love ...

May my love for God and people increase..
First Date
I do not really believe in dating , i believe the Holy Spirit will lead me clearly when i meet the right one.
I will know it when I meet and see her.
I will receive her from His hands...
Despite Adam having fellowship with God everyday ! ,God still said :" It is not good for man to be alone , i will create Him a wife ".

Thanks for reading my profile and may God lead that special and precious one unto your path .
Remember everything worthwhile and of true eternal value, also in this life will flow out of a place of intimacy with the Father .God bless,
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