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knitting, reading, music, piano, movies, Sci-Fi, Spanish, Romania/Romanian language, Cats,
About Me
:waving:Hi, there. I've been single for a long time...and I have all but given up on finding someone I can't live without. It is important to me that my mate be honest, caring, loving, loyal, and kind.

That being said, I have a confession to make...make that a few. I am a former smoker. I quit in May of 2013 after hearing a sermon that made me feel physically like God had just slapped me upside the head. So, I don't have anything against you if you do smoke. I just can't be around it. As far as drinking is concerned, I've had maybe three drinks all YEAR. If you drink regularly, well...I've dated my fill of drinkers. It never ends well. Also, I tend to prefer dating younger men. God made it VERY clear to me in 2007 that I was to wait to try to have a family and most older guys either have already had their children (which they don't mind telling me exactly like that) or are so not interested in starting a family at their age. For me the child thing is a deal-breaker. If you're not interested in having kids or at least trying to have kids with me then I can't be with you. Being a mother is the ultimate desire of my heart.

After reading the above, if you're still interested, by all means, keep reading.

At the beginning of relationships I have discovered that most people talk a lot and communicate really well. They seem to be very interested in the new person. Then, as time goes on, that all changes (negatively). They quit communicating and talking, and quit wanting to spend quality time together.

I am looking for someone who continues to communicate well and who wants to spend quality time together. I believe that whatever you do to win your mate is what you have to do to keep your mate.

To describe myself, I am:
a Christian
a musician
an avid reader
bilingual (I speak Spanish and English, I'm also learning Romanian.)
a cat-lover
a Sister and Daughter, Aunt and Cousin, Niece
a Loyal friend
Funny, silly, :nahnah: witty, fun
opinionated, stubborn, determined
a Sympathetic (or maybe it's empathetic) crier

Other things change with the tides (so to speak):yay:
I enjoy watching Sci Fi/Fantasy shows and movies. I'm also a fan of superhero films and cartoons.

What do I look for in a man?
funny/good sense of humor
caring, compassionate, considerate

My perfect match is honest (he does NOT lie, cheat, or steal!!!) and does not play games with others' emotions. He is hard-working and independent. He is looking for a companion and friend as much as a wife. He must be okay with cats because my cat comes with me as a package deal.

I know that was a lot to get through. If you've made it this far you deserve a cookie (I make a mean Chocolate Raspberry Snowflake cookie) or a gold star and being a teacher I have access to stars of all colors.

My friends and family tell me that I can be pretty intense and hard to get to know. My best friend said that it took her two years to get my sense of humor. But, having a circle of very close friends proves that I know how to be a friend; and my family loves me including my thirteen year old niece.

So, don't let all the above information scare you. I'm worth it. I promise.
First Date
I'd like to meet for dinner or ice cream. And then, go browse in a book store or maybe find some swings in a park. We could be "swingers." :goofball: I also like to play pool. I don't think movie 1st dates are a good idea. You can't get to know each other that way. And, a date would never go wrong offering me coffee...big fan of the java here.
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