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I am a christian gentleman trying my best not only to talk the talk but also to walk the walk. I am seriously looking for a FEMALE (not a Fe, or a Male) but a Female with these qualities.....RESPECT, AFFECTION, a CHRISTIAN ( not only a church goer ) a LADY, with a little freakiness.
I simply love a woman with class, yet humble and inviting. A lady of great affection, that wants to be please, and knows how to please, but most of all , a lady that Respect illuminates the very garden of her soul. I will like to meet a sweet simple lady that is not afraid to embark on a cultual journey that we call "relationship" A lady of class who appreciates life and don't have to indulge in drugs, ciggaretts and alchohol to have a good time. a simple lady , no fussing, no drama ( except if you're an actress and is currently playing the big screen. Not too much baggage either, I prefer cary-ons, for too much baggage tend to delay the journey.
Show me a Park, or a Beach. Give me the sights of nature. Desire with me the wonders of a sunset as the sun kisses the water, hugs the mountains or caresses the distance trees. These things makes me humble and appreciative of God's wonderful love.

If you come with laughter, you came with my medicine, and to those who's life is stress out I'll counter it by giving you humour, for this is my best friend. And if you are a gold digger, please don't be mean! Let me know where the next digs at. I can help you dig till we find some gold and we can share the wealth together, for the last time I look I did't had too much in the safe , or in the ground either for that matter.
Finally, If I click on your profile I must have like what God created! whether black or white or in between, So don't dismiss me lightly, no mistake was made.
I like to paint, cook and eat healthy foods, work out at the gym, gardening, and do creative things that pretains to art and building, but most of all nothing can beat building my character than respect for all people and a life of Godly living.
I was very hesitant in placing my picture on this site but I did. Now I will request that if you need to contact me please have a picture posted, or on my request, for I hate to walk where I cannot see, except when God is leading. I walk by faith and not by sight, but in this case sight.... wins first.
If you are who you really say you are, then try me. All others which includes Liars, Cheaters, Opportunists, Non-Christians etc. please stay clear, and try 911. For all those who I may not speak or cummunicate with, I hope you'll find your hearts desire, but most of all that Heaven will be your prized posession! Hope to meet you there. I will not be available then to date or marry, but just to talk about how WE MADE IT OVER.
First Date
I would like my first date to be memorable but not extravagant, like dinner at a restaurant, or a broadway play or going to church together and afterwards a walk in a park or on the boardwalk. There we can talk and I can appreciate the beauty of God's creation, ( You ) against the backdrop of nature and the canopy of His magnificent skies. Looking good already.
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