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If you are taking the time to read this, I personally thank you kindly for your time and effort, however, I value your time and to save you some time I will share a few things...

My interest is some one who truly have accepted Christ as Lord; I didn't say perfect or without flaws. We all have our own flaws, but we all have someone perfect for us; it's important for her have a love the Lord and growing in faith; we must share similar beliefs and have some compatibility.

Distance is no problem for me, if you are who I am blessed with and I am who you are blessed with then nothing can prevent it from occurring, faith is not what you can see but it's based upon what you cant see, ...Bible, Hebrews 11:1...

If you have an on going re-occurring unresolved issues, please get them resolved and allow yourself some time to heal, God is still able to heal you if you believe...just dont put a band-aide on your wound(s) and move to the next person, hint you are not ready yet and you are moving to fast, allow yourself to slow down...try to take the time to hear God's voice allow Him to touch that area of your life so you can be whole again...will you try Him first; get re-focus and re-establish in your faith; if the Lord send some one your way, accept God’s answer to your prayer for companionship, experience friend-ship, and wait on the next step or level....Also please do not speak for the Lord allow Him to speak to you & the person... pray for confirmation.

Also be honest & real with who you are & the place you are at in your life as a person, if you dnt love you and like yourself why would you expect the next person to love you more than you love yourself or to do something you cant do...stop lying to yourself and expect others to agree with you; the mirror dont lie, you are what you physically see....but yet God is still not done with you or me yet. Even a butterfly can not achieve its beauty with out going through a physical transformation...no matter what you see in that mirror of truth that you don’t like or love, my sister just know you are going through a status change; a transformation of the past to the future...Please, I am a very loving and caring person, I'm just tired and worn-ed out from the game(s) that some are playing.....forgive me if I have offended the ones who are not playing games; but for the one's that my comment is true, stop...let today be the day you began to be true to you.

Again I thank you for allowing me to be honest and direct... I am human and do care and refuse to waste time on the one's who think they are so game...Dont fool your self everyone is not a fool...even the Lord said to be wise as a serpent & harmless as a dove! I am committed to trying to live right, I didnt say I dont make mistakes, I do but I'm trying to be a better person & improve on me everyday! I value my relationship with the Lord and trying to live to please him. The question was asked! What is the purpose man/woman? The answer should be...to please his or hers Creator...God! That's my desire and I hope it's yours as well to please God Almighty!

I am a Christian who desire and strive to live his life according to God's Word and centered on His word. I am a very passionate, loving, caring, well disciplined, and focus person, I like reading, having fun & , traveling, cooking, fitness, family & social activities ...God is first and everything else is centered around the Lord and according to its priority. One must remember we are on a journey passing through this world as I pass through I try to stop to help others along the way...

Our state of being are only temporary, we can enjoy life and its benefits that the Lord allow us to experience, but we must not be consume or estranged with temporary things of this world. we must not lose focus, live life but don't get caught up, we must journey on and tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ and invite them to join us in our walk of Faith.
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My first date would involve a nice quite public location so we can have conversation about each other and an opportunity to discover each other and to see if we are compatible.
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